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Thread: 2009 Spring Clearance!

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    2009 Spring Clearance!

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    hey you guys by any chance clearing other smaller items? eg:capo, strings,picks

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    i would have gone down to check if not for my ankle,
    but i'll try, haha.

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    You guys bringing in anything nice for 2009?

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    Isnt the prices the usual price that you guys have been selling them for..Sorry the prices dont seem that attractive

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    guess i'll try my luck here since they dint pick up the phone.

    are there still line6 toneport UX2 for sale?

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    okay so this is a spring clearance... but what's the actual date?
    or has it already began

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    Hi zeforce09,

    Apologies for the late reply. We are not clearing any smaller items such as capo and strings. Cheers!

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    Hi there kokz,

    What do you mean by "anything nice"? Everything is nice! LOL. What sort of products are you interested in?

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    Hi NachociousD,

    No, the prices are not the usual price which we are selling at before. We do not offer our products at 30%, 40% or even 50% off the MSRP for our non clearance items. This is meant to be a clearance, not a sale, and all of our brand new clearance items do come with a 1 year free warranty. It is however unfortunate that you would find our offers unattractive, and we do sincerely hope that you will find a better deal elsewhere. Thank you and regards.

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