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Thread: Newbie here :D

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    hey wassup dude im a noob too
    i hope you feel stupid after reading this

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    Cool, so how noob is noob?

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    ilovegm: Basic huh? Hmm.. Maybe practice on your coordination first? Cos coordination don't come naturally to some people, like me. And maybe learn some easy songs to get the momentum and 'feel' of drumming. Then you can go on and take it to the next level.

    Alvin: Yeah man, I do see some comfortable thrones around. Tempted to get one. And maybe I should. Cos I'm like having backaches and numbness now. LOL

    Maven: No worries. I'm still considered a noob too! HAHA. And I get tips from lots of softies here. Cool people.
    I like Mondays

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    Hmm, can't practice real songs cos i dun own a set...
    Guess i'll search for exercises to train coordination...

    thx girlpants

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    About the drumset thing... you could either,
    - Buy a set (LOL)
    - Go jamming with friend
    - Make friends with softies who have drumset and go over their place.

    I like Mondays

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    sorry for the hijacking but, where would one get a good drum throne, and at what prices?

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    A good pro range throne will set you back about $170ish....i know its pricey, but these guys last for many, many, MANY years...its worth it. The amount of stress you put on your back is no small issue if you intend to drum for long.

    Girlpants:- For now you might wanna make sure your seat height is not too low. Backaches can be a result of you sitting too low. Also remember to not sit too far from your kit. The more your legs stretch out, the harder your hips and spine need to work on lifting your legs up. That coupled with you bending forward to reach for the toms will kill your back in no time!

    Take care!
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    Girlpants: Lol, my friends are a little too pro to jam with a noob like me (More of i'm too embarrassed to display noob-ness)
    Guess i better start making friends XD

    Phlegmingo: I hope more ppl hijack, i'm learning loads:-D

    First day with sticks! Haven't found any good exercise to do with my pingpongbat, but i'm trying to do fast paradidles now.
    I only noe paradiddles now -.-
    Quite slow too...

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    Try these exercises

    Remember, start slow. You don't became a pro drummer overnight.

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    Bro - check out U tube for basic drumming. It helps if you can read notes. Check out internet for free theory lesson.

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