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Thread: My mum says I suck! :(

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    My mum says I suck! :(

    My mum says I suck at singing... but I think I'm good.
    What should I do?
    How do I convince her I'm good, or at least, not suck?
    She never have any choir training
    never take singing lessons
    so I think she is not the best judge.
    But she is my mother so I cannot take her go climb coconut tree and knock her head.

    (I know this might make some people laugh
    But parental support to me is important
    plus they also have the money to pay for my music career in the future
    so pls, dun laugh at me even if you think the post sound stupid.)
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    Cheer up!
    I know how it feels because my parents make stupid comments sometimes abt my guitar playing.
    They go "Huh what are you playing?" "How come i've never heard you play a full song?"
    Stuff like that gets you down alot.
    But i've learnt to shut my ears towards their stupid no-use words haha.
    Just ignore! It works.
    Sing for youself! Its great that you think you're good too.
    Build on that confidence and you'll be fine (:

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    1) Believe your mum

    2) Trust your mum

    3) Have faith in your mum

    4) Believe in yourself

    5) Videocam yourself singing, post on youtube

    6) Proper recording of yourself singing, post online

    7) Ask for further opinions from your dad

    8 ) Trust your dad

    9) Believe in your parents

    10) Post clips/videos of your own singing here, wait for response

    __ __ ---- __ ____ ----__ ......:::_ ----**___ ------______ ____---==+>> * __--- ....;:;:;:.,,... --_____ '"""""----___.><'"":::;;_ __ _ __ __----===-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __---------:::::-------[

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatheinRaindropMoe View Post

    10) Post clips/videos of your own singing here, wait for response
    +1 to this . post a clip of u're voice.

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    everybody in my family says my singing sucks!
    but I DON'T CARE!

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    i suck too

    perservere mate
    i hope you feel stupid after reading this

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    a few possible reasons why she said that

    1) she's jealous of your damn good singing

    2) she thinks your singing is good but you're too noisy and she wants you to shut up

    3) she thinks your're too noisy and she wants you to shut up

    4) she really thinks your singing sucks

    a few possible suggestions to this problem

    1) ask your dad if your singing sucks

    2) continue singing till you get better

    3) take proper singing lessons

    4) just stop singing and give your mother peace

    *ps no offense to you

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    to sing, we have to listen first

    if we cant listen, we cant sing

    listen to others, listen to our own self

    listen to the general public


    no clips, no video, no talk

    talk untill cow sexchange to goat, we still cant decide anything

    if having the needs to justify/make our ego feel better in online forum, then we are too weak to face the truth.
    __ __ ---- __ ____ ----__ ......:::_ ----**___ ------______ ____---==+>> * __--- ....;:;:;:.,,... --_____ '"""""----___.><'"":::;;_ __ _ __ __----===-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __---------:::::-------[

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    Hahaha my mum doesn't notice my singing. My bro sings really good( he went with his school to the UK just to sing:???: ) so me , I know there's no hope to be as good as him so I go venture into other areas such as death metal vocals . Hahaha I was quite sad just now so I did some mad things and now I can't say some higher pitched words. Nice!

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    i had choir background singing...
    but i like to sing rock
    do most rock singers have choir background singing?

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