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Thread: Double Bass Or Double Pedal ?

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    Double Bass Or Double Pedal ?

    Can u guys explain to me wad's the different between double bass and double pedal ?

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    lol i cant really seem to differentiate the two either ..
    im guessing that double bass is double pedalling with one bass pedal per bass drum
    and double pedal is double pedalling with 2 bass pedals for one bass drum

    like maybe this is double bass

    and this is double pedal

    my 1 rupiah worth
    i hope you feel stupid after reading this

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    Double Bass or Double Pedal?

    As a musician, one should know what a Double Bass is and what a Double Pedal is. Anyway a Double Bass is an accoustic instrument that looks like a huge violin and has 4 strings which are plucked to produce low Bass sound, today the double bass as taken a back seat as the Electric Bass Guitar takes the centre stage in a band, the Double Bass is still going strong in the Jazz field. And now for Double Pedal, it is used for th Drums. Normal drums set have one Pedal for the drummer to work on, these days most drummers use 2 pedals to kick the base drum, hope this answers your questions. Have a good day.

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    i believe the question is wats the advantages of having 2 kicks as compared to 1 kick with a dbl pad...:-D

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    Double pedals - Tune one bass drum

    Doble bass drums - Tune two bass drums

    But each have their advantages, take for example if you were to use double bass drums, your drum beater on each pedal hits the exact same spot, giving you a more even sound.

    Double pedals, the beater which is shifted with your slave pedal is usually to the left of the original beater, giving you a 'different feel'.

    You can always try these:

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    actually.. this is a double bass:


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    haha!!!! slang meets jazz aficionado

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    lol @ the double bassist bending over to see what strange note he accidentally played

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    No mention of double-bass can go without Louie Bellson!
    Pioneer of the double bass setup.

    I don't want to be interesting. I want to be good. - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969)

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    The only 2 differences I can think of are convenience and sound. And yeah, cost also.

    Most drummers, when recording, use double bass drums because there is more definition, especially when speed is involved.

    If a bass drum with a single pedal is too hollow and bassy... going really fast, it'll sound like a very long fart, unless triggers are used. Downside to using double bass drums is the amount of time taken up trying to tune both to sound almost identical. Unless you have a drum tech or you're really pro at tuning, shouldn't be a problem. Another thing I find when using single bass drum, I prefer it if the beater side drum skin has a little slack. If it's too tight and you're pedalling fast, the rebound will muffle the sound of the slave pedal beater and even throw you off balance.

    And personally, it's a lot more comfortable to be using double bass drums. Your main foot (right for me) feels more natural when the bass drum is angled. Even when playing on single bass drum, I tend to slant it to the right a little... like how the drummer from Bleeding Through or 311 (or Incubus, can't remember) does.

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