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Thread: cocktail kits?

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    cocktail kits?

    anybody own one here? a quick search of the forum turns up hardly anything, so if you do, out with it!

    anyway where to get in singapore? saw a cheapo lazer model at ranking for $700. HAHA lazer for 700 -.- but does any other shop carry? or do any shops carry nice long floor toms to convert? haha. it's really quite exciting and good for busking

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    Eh, just posted something similar on another forum.

    Someone had two for sale a couple of months ago.

    Check out the gigpig - what the bastard child of a cajon and a cocktail kit might look like.

    YouTube - Steel Parade- Gabe playin the GigPig in Irvine, CA, 6/21/08
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    wow that's cool! now i want one too D:

    i'm having a recent craze about portable drumming and busking here, heh.

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    One of the softies here created a great portable busking kit that I think would sound great:

    Of course, if you prefer something cheaper or more portable although I dont think it would sound as good. There is this really cocktail kit that "literally" came out from the kitchen:

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    This is what I use for small gigs:

    The pros over a traditional cocktail kit:-

    1) I have less to lug around. The floor tom doubles as bass drum and tom...and the tom actually sounds like a full tom. Choice of skins for top and bottom is crucial, so is the choice of heads.

    2) The snare is bigger which makes it easier for brush work.

    3) Smaller than a trad cocktail kit and can be played more comfortably sitting down.

    4) Sounds like a drum kit as opposed to a easier for jazz gigs

    For slightly more demanding gigs, I usually bring along a pair of bongos too. And the number of cymbals vary too.

    About the same cost to build as the Lazer....but you get much better quality drums...
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    that's cool! do you know anywhere/anyone selling floor toms? the rest is pretty much readily avail but floor toms i dont usually see going solo.

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    You can try calling music stores for a start. Then try jamming studios such as boon musical (6288 1289).
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