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  1. MUSICIANS WANTED for original songs (pop/rock/blues/RNB/Neo-soul/funk)

    Guitarist here.

    Looking to make music with like minded people.

    Looking for:
    - Vocalist
    - Guitarist (rhythm/lead, I am happy to take turns)
    - Drummer
    - if you are a Keyboardist,...
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    Re: Swee Lee sales?

    Hi bud, not sure if I’m too late to the party, but a squier affinity is a great choice for a starter guitar!
  3. SOLD WTS/WTT Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst, SSS Config - $2000

    Made in America Fender Deluxe Stratocaster (2010-2016)

    SSS config, Sunburst, hardcase, COC, tremolo bar included.

    Very good condition, all stock.

    Selling for $2000. Price negotiable. pm for...
  4. SOLD Re: Fender American Standard Telecaster® (2008-2012) - $1599

    Sill available!
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    Re: WTB Fender Telecaster

    Still looking for a tele? I have a MIA standard
  6. SOLD Fender American Standard Telecaster® (2008-2012) - $1599

    One of the most versatile guitars I’ve played. And oh can the tele’s in this series sing. Clean tones are king but dirty tones are pretty freakin' awesome as well from this - especially for hard...
  7. Need help! How do I record using a Roland Cube 30x?

    I’ve been getting into recording lately, and want to record guitar on my Roland Cube 30x amplifier.

    But, I’m not sure if I need an Audio Interface?

    My amp comes with a “Recording Out” jack....
  8. guitarist here!!

    guitarist here!!
  9. hey! are you guys looking for a guitarist??

    hey! are you guys looking for a guitarist??
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    Looking for Bassist, Drummer, Singer.

    Just looking to find a band to jam with. Preferably around 16-21.

    My music influences include but are not limited to:

    red hot chili peppers
    fall out boy
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