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  1. AtelierZ Limited edition 2015 Sparkling Green Bass

    Selling my preloved Bass AtelierZ limited edition 2015 only 50 bass in the world!

    This is the Sparkling Green Color!
    Very mint condition!
    Growly and punchy Sound as you can hear on this YouTube ...
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    SOLD Yamaha TRB 6Pii with original hardcase

    Selling my lovely Yamaha TRB 6pii build to highest standard in Japan.
    This is one of the flagship TRB model.
    These type are discontinued, so you have to pre order directly to Japan for this.

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    SOLD Wts warwick streamer LX5 germany

    Want to sell my Warwick Streamer LX5 made in Germany.
    Cosmetic 8.5/10
    Sound 10/10
    Playability 9.5/10

    Sounded like my MTD 535 with wenge board!
    Comes with non original gigbag.

    If you're...
  4. SOLD Maruszczyk Custom Elwood Jazz Bass Gold Finish

    WTS my Custom Made Maruszczyk Elwood 5 Jazz Bass, with very shiny Gold finish!
    Ash Body, Maple neck and fretboard, Delano 70s wound pickup, Bartolini XTCT preamp!
    This one is a Killer Bass!
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    Clement Bass Boutique USA

    I am selling my beautiful Bass by Tom Clement. It is a 6 strings with spalted maple top, mahogany body, 3 pieces of mahogany and maple neck, ebony fretboard! Comes with nordstrand electronics. With...
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    SOLD For Sale Like New Xotic XJ 1 T jazz bass

    For sale Beautiful Xotic XJ 1T jazz bass,
    No trade, need cash.

    I bought 2 months ago and never going out on a gig.
    Very clean and mint condition.
    Comes with original gigbag.

    I am located in...
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    SOLD For Sale Mint Condition Sadowsky MV PJ5

    For sale mint condition with original gigbag.
    Sadowsky MV PJ5.

    You can whatsapp me for more info +628170991099

    I am located in Jakarta, but I can make deal in Singapore changi airport with...
  8. SOLD Re: For Sale Mint Condition Kensmith CR6 1994

    You can also reach me by whatsapp to +628170991099 or email
  9. SOLD For Sale Mint Condition Kensmith CR6 1994

    As above, I want to sell my Kensmith CR6 very nice condition for a 1994 bass.
    Include hardcase and strap original Kensmith.
    I am located in Jakarta Indonesia, I can make deal in Singapore for an...
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    SOLD Yamaha TRB John Pattitucci 2 JP2

    I am selling my Yamaha TRB JP2 bass.
    This bass looks sexy and sound even better, you will never go wrong with Yamaha top of the line products! Comes with original case from Yamaha. Condition is...
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