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    Vocalist looking for band to jam with~

    Hi i am male vocalist looking for a band to jam with~
    I mostly sing Japanese pop, acoustic and some rock. But i do sing english and chinese songs as well.
    Have performed for events before and have...
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    Re: Japanese Female Vocalist Needed

    Hi, am not a female vocalist but a male vocalist. But if you ever decide to have a male vocalist to perhaps do some duet songs with your female vocalist, do hit me up.
    Have performed for a few...
  3. Re: Bedroom bassist looking for jpop/jrock/poprock band

    Hi, i’m a male vocalist looking to looking to join a band too doing jrock/pop songs.
    If you are interested, perhaps we can try forming a band together.
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    Re: Looking for j-pop/j-rock vocalist!

    Hi, i'm interested!
    Performed for a few events before. I am male vocalist though. Please do PM for more info if you are still looking for a vocalist.
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    Male vocalist looking for band~

    Hi i am a male vocalist looking for a band to jam with. And hopefully perform with.
    I have prior experience performing for small events. Can sing in english, japanese and some chinese. (My chinese...
  6. Vocalist looking for new band to grow with~

    Hi, i'm a male vocalist looking for a band to grow with~ I can do both english and japanese pop/rock. But i can do acoustic and ballade songs as well and prefer doing it to be honest hahaha
    I have...
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    Re: Vocalist looking for J-rock/pop band

    Please do feel free to pm me if you need any samples of my performance~
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    Vocalist looking for J-rock/pop band

    Hi, Am a 24 y/o male vocalist looking for a japanese pop or rock band. Have experience in performing for quite a number of gigs and events. Whatsapp or msg me at 92362487 or PM to know more about my...
  9. Re: Vocalist looking for J-rock/pop/acoustic band

    Bump~ Bump~ xD
  10. Vocalist looking for J-rock/pop/acoustic band

    Hi, i'm a amateur vocalist looking for a leisure band to go for performance/gigs and have fun with~
    Able to meet at least once a week but preferably on weekends due to work commitments.
    I go by the...
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