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  1. Re: Reviving my old band with new bassist & drummer

    hey there, I am an intermediate bass player and am interested.
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    Re: Chill Funky Bassist Wanted

    Heya Don, I am interested, let me know if it is still available. Thanks!
  3. Re: Looking for Bassist for Jazzy Funky Pop Fusion Band

    Hello! I am interested! I am an intermediate bassist. You may contact me via
  4. Bassist looking for Indie Dream pop / Shoegaze band

    Hello all! I am an intermediate bassist looking for indie dream pop band to jam with / or play gigs. Hope to play something along the lines of Tame Impala, Alvvays, Wild Nothing etc. Dreamy and...
  5. Re: Drummer Looking for indie Dream pop / Shoegaze band

    Hey I am a bassist looking for indie pop band to jam / play with as well.
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