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  1. Re: WTS : Macbook 13-inch, 2017 with Touch Bar (512 SSD)

    Hey kirk, nope not upgrading. Selling away as I am almost never using it and am using my imac instead mostly.

    Also, to the soft mods, sorry for posting the carousell link, I didn't know it was...
  2. WTS : Macbook 13-inch, 2017 with Touch Bar (512 SSD)

    Very rarely used mac book pro. Only 11 cycle count and battery in perfect condition. There are some scratches at the top (see pic on carousell linked below).
    Apple-care until 11 Feb 2021

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    WTS Drum Tama pedal

    Rusty and used and back screws are missing, but works fine. Good for anyone who needs a single pedal. Bought it as i was intending to buy a drum set but i could not in the end and im left with this...
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    WTS Kapok Guitar with Bag

    Bought 2nd hand from forumer here just to see if I liked guitars like a few weeks ago. And i do so im upgrading to a better one.

    Comes with bag, the body has little scratches but guitar itself...
  5. WTS full size Violin(one string broke) for beginners


    Bought a violin in impulse 2 years ago but didn't play it much. The "g-note" string broke and it was just lying around. Good for anyone who is interested in picking up violins can give it a...
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    WTB 2nd Hand Drumset for Beginners!


    Recently want to pick up and learn drums and im looking for a second hand 5pc(or more) drum set for below $500. Ive seen a couple of nice good deals around here where they sold their drums...
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