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    oh, thanks for pointing it out. what about now?
  2. Rudy (acoustic) - The Last Story I'll Tell

    Have a listen, Thanks!

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    hahahahha necro. hahaha.

    i guess the freakiest thing that happened to me in BMT would be when i was listening to my MP3 and the volume of my song decreases and all of a sudden in a increasing...
  4. goodness.. did you had to stick something hard to...

    goodness.. did you had to stick something hard to convince her to listen to jrock...............?
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    haha... what the..
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    dont say that, what if you (lets hope not) have a bad set on that day? then you would just get ridicule here yet again, this will never end.
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    now that im home, im listening to the song now. im not really into this kinda genre but i guess you guys have to work on the vocals and the drums, its lacking energy.

    then again, i dont really...
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    haha im so so sorry, seriously but this comment is too clever and funny. i actually refrained myself from laughing in the office.

    low blow man, seriously low blow with a spike glove. haha....
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    wow? hey thats so cool man, thanks alot. i was taken by surprise to see this comment here, its a cool compliment man, thanks again.
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    FBE launch is a must go.
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    haha hello. me.
  12. ....

    ..i ... can feel it in my pants.. ......its....
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    yea man, unfortunately i have to work in the morning on that day
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    hello guys. here are the timeslots for my bands.

    Audiocean - 4:30
    The November Iris - 5pm
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    that would be nice man, yea. never ending problems right?
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    thanks guys for all the comments. we'll improved on the stuff mentioned. thanks for listening too.
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    this is really a bad news.
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    someone in my block started raising a pontianak and always let it go in the middle of the night. it was going on for a week. it kept laughing and flying around the tree near the block

    well what...
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    oh god.. i really hope you're a girl.. cause otherwise this.. is really sick..
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    yea the clash sucks
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    silence you, silence of the traitors
  22. The Retreat PARTY / GIG! feat. FBE, November Iris, Audiocean, Ebony's Call & more!

    Presenting, Ngee Ann Poly's very own "Parti De Roche!"

    With Zouk DJ, high tech lighting, disco balls, smoke machines, ultimate band equipments, get ready to rock the night OUT! 100 tickets already...
  23. Audiocean New Song from upcoming EP Uploaded!

    on myspace. thanks guys, cya.

    - Rudy
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    wow okay. thank you, you rock. haha.
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    is for better ending playing with us? if they are. add them in the poster please, they deserve it. good band, very good band.
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