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    WTB: FET or Opto Comp

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for helping me with my last post! Got my bus comp!

    I'm now looking to get either a FET or Opto comp for my set up. Perhaps a clone like the WA76 or SA-76 for FET types or...
  2. SOLD WTB: Pair of DBX160 or similar compressors

    Hi, I’m looking at buying a pair of compressors (or stereo compressor) that I can use primarily for buss compression.

    The budget I have is roughly around that of a pair of DBX160a and I’ve seen...
  3. WTS: Akai Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine and Synth Sequencer

    Hey guys. As stated above, I have the Akai Rhythm Wolf for sale at $260 bucks. Great machine with a good supporting synth engine as well that’s all analog.

    Selling mine because I don’t have any...
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    WTB: Shure SM7B

    Hey, just looking if anyone is willing to sell their own SM7B mic. DO PM me if so! Looking to use it for recording vocals so if you have a similar alternative PASSIVE mic, do PM me as well and I'll...
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    FS: 2 Lefty Electric Guitars (Cheap!)

    Hi guys

    Im selling off two of my only guitars that are left handed. Namely, my Epiphone SG G-400 and Yamaha Pacifica.

    For more details, do refer to the links below!

    Epiphone SG - $250
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    WTB: Synth with Straps/Keytar

    Hey softies/synthies? Lol

    I'm currently looking for a relatively cheap synth that I could strap on and play live. Something like the Casio CZ-1000, the Yamaha DX100 or even the Korg Poly 800...
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    SOLD WTB Poly Synth

    I am in the look out for a poly synth with knobs or sliders and not something that needs to be done through painstakingly going through a menu on the LCD. It can be Analog/Digital, as long as it is...
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    WTB: Roland Boutique JP-08

    Hi all,

    anyone selling their Roland Boutique JP-08 or any of the other 2 models(tho im not as interested in them), please PM me or whatsapp me at 9169698zero and i will arrange a quick deal....
  9. WTT/WTS Roland JX-3P Vintage Analogue Synth

    Hi guys,

    I have a Roland JX-3P (underrated cousin of the Juno 6) and I'm looking to offload it (sadly) as l don't have a lot of space at home. It still works beautifully for its age (it's from...
  10. WTB: Kaossilator Pro or any other Multitrack looper

    Hi Soft people, as stated above, I'm desperate to get a Kaossilator Pro or any device that does multi track looping for instruments in a live setting (so I can perform solo). Anyone got one to sell...
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    WTB: any cheap reverb pedal

    As mentioned above, I'm interested in any cheap reverb pedal. Just pm me if you're selling one.

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    WTB: Keyboard Bag/Case


    I'm currently looking for a keyboard bag/case. It is for a 61 key Roland JX-3P which dimensions are

    Length: 912mm (35.9")
    Width: 325mm (12.8)
    Height: 115mm (4.53")

    If you have one...
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    WTB: Korg Volca


    anyone willing to sell me either the Korg Volca Beats or Keys?
    Do PM me!

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    WTS: MXR Dime Distortion DD11

    Hey guys,

    Got a charm of a pedal im willing to let go for $110(nego). Its perfect for metalheads or Dimebag Darrell (RIP) enthusiasts alike! Well the reason im letting it go is cos of a shift...
  15. Re: Post punk Revival/ Indie Rhythm Guitarist Wanted

    Still looking guys
  16. Post punk Revival/ Indie Rhythm Guitarist Wanted

    Hey everyone, my band has recently recorded an EP and our current rhythm guitarist cant commit himself further due to other commitments hence the search for a new one. Just some background about us,...
  17. Re: Rhythm Guitarist/Vocals and Lead Guitarist looking for a Punk Rock Band!

    You are lame how can you promote yourself and not be serious.
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    Drummer Wanted

    Hey guys, i'm currently looking for a drummer to replace my old drummer who left due to other commitments.
    Looking fa drummer that can commit as we are a serious band (We do originals).
  19. Price Lowered to 350! Contact me at the number...

    Price Lowered to 350! Contact me at the number above or PM me guys!
  20. WTS: ESP LTD F50 With Custom Installed Floyd Rose!!!!

    Bought this lovely guitar slightly over a year ago. performs like a champ, with the custom installed floyd rose. beautiful and performs as well as it looks. condition is 9/10 as i barely play it over...
  21. If a single member of my band is a few months shy...

    If a single member of my band is a few months shy of being 18, is it ok?
  22. WTS:Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst, LTD F50 with floyd rose tremolo!

    Hi guys, i am an avid guitar player and music is my passion. although i'm a bit anal on my guitar choices, i have never made any mistakes with any of my purchased guitars. now since time has been a...
  23. Guitar survey (please participate fellow members)

    Guys, im doing a survey for school relating to guitar preference so please help me answer the following questions with your preference.

    1)how old are you

    2)if you own any electric guitar, what...
  24. Still looking guys:)

    Still looking guys:)
  25. Bassist wanted. I don't want showoffs that think they are too good:)

    Hey, Sam here. I have a band that plays alternative music. Mostly obscure songs and not too mainstream. We also do grunge, classics and funk. Apparently, due to one member of the band falling out, we...
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