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    SOLD WTS: Cymbals & Cymbal Bag

    Letting go of the following cymbals and bag:
    TRX Blends 14" Hihat - $250
    TRX ALT 18" Crash - $200
    TRX DRK 21" Ride - $220

    CMC Cymbal Bag - $50

    Pls whatsapp me at 91546825 for pics and more...
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    How To Prevent Cymbals From Oxidizing?

    Hi fellow drummers, just wish to ask how do you guys prevent your cymbals from oxidizing in your cymbal bags? I realized that my cymbals, be it traditional or brilliant finish, tend to have this...
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    SOLD WTS: TRX DRK 21" Ride Cymbal

    Selling a one year old DRK ride cymbal, rarely played. In great condition, no cracks/keyhole. Looking to sell at $250. Whatsapp me at 91546825 for photos. Thanks!
  4. SOLD WTS Reunion Blues Renegade 22" Cymbal Bag

    Bought it for less than 6mths. Very lightly used, only used it for storing cymbals at home and never seen the sun outdoors.

    Very durable and thick outer shell, with 4 thick padded dividers in...
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    SOLD WTS Mono M80 Cymbal Bag

    Selling my less than a yr old cymbal bag. In great condition. Currently retailing for $229 at Swee Lee. I'm looking to sell it at $150. Negotiable but pls dont low-ball. Interested parties do...
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    SOLD WTS: TRX Blends 14" Hi-hats

    Hi all, i'm looking to sell my above-mentioned hihats. Slightly more than 2 months old. No cracks, but slightly oxidized/browned.
    Looking to sell it off quickly at $200. Slightly negotiable, for...
  7. SOLD Re: WTS: 19" A Zildjian Ultra-Hammered China

    Further reducing the price to $250!! This would be the final price though. Selling it to fund another cymbal.
  8. SOLD WTS: (REDUCED PRICE!) 14" A Zildjian New Beat Hihats

    Conditon: 8/10
    No cracks, no keyhole. Just some marks present but does not affect playability.
    Very versatile pair of hihats.

    Selling at $250. Price is firm. Dealing areas between Woodlands and...
  9. SOLD WTS: 19" A Zildjian Ultra-Hammered China

    Selling a good condition China, less than 1 year-old.
    No cracks, no keyhole.

    Looking to sell at $350, negotiable.
    SMS/Whatsapp me at 91546825.
    Deal in anywhere between Woodlands to Bishan....
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    SOLD WTS: 14" A Zildjian New Beat Hi-hat

    Hi all!

    I'm looking to sell my A Zildjian New Beat hats, had it for over a year. Quite a bit of marks present on the cymbals, but no cracks/keyhole. Very versatile and suits most music types.
  11. SOLD WTS: 19" A Zildjian Ultra Hammered China

    Selling a less than 6 months old China. Still in great condition, no cracks, no keyhole.
    Letting go at $350, negotiable but pls do not low-ball.

    Do sms/whatsapp me at 91546825 if interested....
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    SOLD WTS: 10" Zildjian K Splash

    Hi guys, i'm looking to sell off my 10" K Splash. Had it for less than 6 mths. Selling it to fund another splash cymbal. It's in great condition, no cracks, no keyhole.

    Selling it at $150....
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