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  1. Looking for vocalist for English and Japanese band

    We are a looking for a new vocalist to join us.
    We have a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and a drummer.
    We mainly play English and Japanese pop, rock and indie rock.

    If you are interested do...
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    Cymbal Gear Recommendations ~$800

    I am planning to upgrade from stock cymbals. Looking to buy a new cymbal pack around $800 or less.

    I play Pop, Rock and Metal.

    I am considering the following packs
    Paiste Pst8 uni set ($707)...
  3. Anisong (jpop/jrock) band looking for bassist.

    Hi, my Anisong(J-Pop/J-Rock) Band is currently looking for a bassist. We may also expand to include other genres in the future, being flexible in playing other genres would be advantage.

  4. Anisong/J-rock/J-pop Band looking for lead guitar and keyboardist

    Hi, My Anisong Band currently has 1 drummer, 1 rhythm guitarist, 1 male and 1 female vocalist. Currently we are looking for a keyboardist and a lead guitar.

    Our current setlist is
    Lemon by Kenshi...
  5. Anisong/J-rock/J-pop Band looking for lead guitar, bassist.

    Hi, my Anisong Band currently has a drummer, rhythm guitar, keyboardist and vocalist. We are currently looking for a lead guitarist and bassist.

    Currently song list include
    Lemon Kenshi Yonezu ...
  6. Anisong (jpop/jrock) band looking for bassist and keyboardist.

    Hi I am a drummer looking to have casual jamming sessions. To make new friends and grow my musical skills.
    I have already found a vocalist and guitarist. We are still looking for a bassist and...
  7. Drummer looking for casual jamming sessions

    Hi I am a drummer, looking to have casual jamming sessions. To make new friends and grow my musical skills.
    Looking for vocalists, keyboardist, guitarists etc
    Eventually I hope to record and play...
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    Re: Looking to join/form a pop rock band

    I am a drummer interested in jamming and joining a band. I too hope to be able to learn and grow to eventually be able to record music with others.
    Please PM me @92487507 if you are willing...
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