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  1. WTS: Gibson Historic 2002 FLAME MAPLE Top 1958 Les Paul. Sought after Custom Shop R8
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    FS: Schaller Strap Locks

    Nickel finish. Only installed for a very short period of time on a guitar that was eventually sold separately. Never been used on gigs, in fact, the guitar was played mostly sitting down at home, so...
  3. FS: Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs (unopened)

    Fresh set. Never been opened. As good as buying new.


    Whatsapp only: NINE-1472232
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    FS: KGC Brass Tremolo Block (Mega Mass)

    By Killer Guitar Components. This is the oversized Mega Mass version, which gives more sustain and punch to your tone. Click on 'What is MEGA MASS' in this link for more details:...
  5. FS: KTS Titanium tremolo block for Strats

    Fits vintage style trem bridges.


    Whatsapp only: NINE-1472232
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    FS: Xotic RC Booster

    This is serial #0209 - an earlier version of the now discontinued V1. Someone who tried it said that it's super transparent, whereas the later V1s are not.

    $120. Almost as good as new, only used...
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    FS: T Rex Spin Doctor (Version 1)

    Powered by real tubes! This is the best overdrive and distortion pedal I've ever owned, and the most amp-like. Switched to Kemper so I've got enough overdriven amp tones now, otherwise this would be...
  8. WTS Don Mare Super Sports Strat pickup set

    If you've heard of Don Mare, you already know his reputation as one of the best Fender-style pickup winders around.


    Contact Nine-1472232
  9. WTS Klein 1955 Epic Series Strat pickup set

    Bridge is wound 10% hotter and attached with a baseplate (costed me an extra 15USD) for volume balance with the other positions and beefier tone. Very vintage sounding, replica of an actual set from...
  10. WTS: Sheptone PAF Tribute humbucker pickups

    Bridge and neck set, in double cream. 4-conductor wiring. Sheptone PAFs are famous for being some of the best in the market, just check out their reviews.


    Contact me at Nine-1472232
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