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    Shred Guitars in Church Services

    I recently made a couple of videos featuring my Ibanez JS1200 and Suhr Modern Satin. Full disclosure: ANY guitar can be used for church services! But each guitar has nuances that bring in unique...
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    WTS: Hotone Binary Amp, Komp, and Tuner

    Hi all,

    Selling a few pedals from my studio (hence all in 9/10 physical condition, 10/10 working condition):

    Hotone Binary Amp ($100):

    You can check out my video review of it here:
  3. Changing From a Bigsby Bridge to a Traditional Bridge

    10 years ago, I modded my Tele to get a Bigsby bridge. This year, I changed it back.
  4. Free AC30 Patch (Worship Tutorials) and Free IR's (Tone Junkie)

    Lobang for free stuff! And when combined, they sound great!
  5. How to Change Strings on an Older PRS with Winged Tuners

    Hi all!

    For those intimidated by the older PRS winged tuners, I hope this will be of help!
  6. How To Play Shout to the Lord (Modern Rock Arrangement): Electric Guitar

    For those who want to play a classic differently, here's my take on a modern rock arrangement for Hillsong's "Shout to the Lord"
  7. How to Use Line 6 HX Stomp as an 4-channel Audio Interface to Play Tracks

    As a music director who uses Ableton regularly on stage, here's a trick I use to get multiple guitar parts to form a layer underneath my main playing to simplify my live performance so I can...
  8. Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Acoustic Guitar

    This is my honest review of the Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Acoustic Guitar.

    1. Great amplified tone from the pickup
    2. Easier to play (smaller body and shorter neck)
    3. Neck dive...
  9. How To Play Waymaker (Leeland // Electric Guitar with Tab)

    As this is the song currently on repeat in my youth ministry, I'd thought it might be useful to share with others how I approach the song in a single electric guitar arrangement.

  10. Tips to Playing Well in an Acoustic Band (For Guitar)

    If you're not confident of playing as the only guitar in an acoustic band, I have some tips that will build your confidence.
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    Mono Small Pedalboard and M80 Club V2

    I think the Mono Small Pedalboard is very well designed, with the biggest advantage being that the angle of elevation is slightly steeper than a Pedaltrain Junior that makes the top row of pedals...
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    Line 6 Helix Native and Ableton Live

    Hi all,

    While it's a great feeling to have a giant pedalboard at your disposable, sometimes it's better for your back and for the production team if there was as little gear as possible on stage....
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    Re: MJT Custom Built Guitar

    I love the MJT strats that I have. I carry a dual case and bring them both when I need the entire spectrum of clean, bell-like chime, to rude and loud!
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    Hotone Binary Amp (for Church Context)

    Hey all,

    I integrated a Hotone Binary Amp on my Pedaltrain Nano rig and found some ways to get nice tones out of it. For context, I play mostly in church for praise & worship.

  15. 5 Reasons to Go Analog (Traditional Pedalboard over Digital Modelling)

    And to provide a rounded discussion on the topic, here's my 5 reasons why going analog has an edge over digital modelling and multi-fx. Am I a fence sitter? To which I ask another question: why have...
  16. 5 Reasons to Go Helix (Line 6 Helix vs. Analog Pedalboards)

    After owning the Helix for a little over 4 months, these are 5 reasons why I think it's better than an analog pedalboard.
  17. Getting Great Audio and Lighting for YouTube Recording

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the place to post (Admin, please change as you will), but my wife just bought me some lights from a recent camera shop sale, and I've been learning how to incorporate...
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    Budget Gear for Live Performance

    Since I've been putting together a few videos on budget-friendly rigs, I'd like to share this to encourage peeps that you don't necessarily have to spend an arm or a leg on gear to play. In fact,...
  19. SOLD Re: WTS Amp-less PT Junior Build Template (Pedalboard, Pedals)

    Ok, it seems like linking to Carousell doesn't work (my apologies; I just want to streamline correspondences).

    Here are the prices for individual items:

    Carl Martin Rock Bug: $150
    Mooer Micro...
  20. SOLD Re: WTS Amp-less PT Junior Build Template (Pedalboard, Pedals)

    Selling as a set for $750. No trades, cash only.

    Please correspond here:
  21. SOLD WTS Amp-less PT Junior Build Template (Pedalboard, Pedals)
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    WTS Books (Business and Christian Ministry)

    Business Books...
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    Goodwood Audio Pedalboard Build

    I got myself a pedalboard built by the amazing Mikey and Grant at Goodwood Audio, and made a couple of videos documenting how I put the remainder of the system together, and doing a full rig-rundown:...
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    Re: Acoustic Guitar Help?

    Hello! Since no one's taken up the mantle, I'll go first:

    As you might well imagine, a steel-stringed instrument is going to feel a lot different to one with nylon strings, not just the string...
  25. Thread: Gear Photos 2018

    by Vax

    Re: Gear Photos 2018

    My latest acquisitions: the Suhr Modern Satin from a trade, and the Ernie Ball Musicman JP6 my wife bought me (she loved the color). That, and the latest iteration of my PTJR sized board.

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