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  1. Re: Rapper-Lyricist looking for Soul/Trap/Hiphop Producers, Sound Engineers & Djs

    Hey man, I've been making hip hop beats for a couple years now and am actually looking for rappers (Singapore based too) to work with. I'd be interested in working together on some tunes, my number...
  2. Looking for Rappers/Hip-Hop Singers/Beatmakers/Hip Hop Producers


    I've been doing music production by myself for the past few years and have a few decent beats so now I'm looking for rappers or singers (male or female, doesnt matter) in Singapore who want to...
  3. Re: Let's start a BROCKHAMPTON-esque band. Rappers, producers, musicians etc.

    Hey, are you still looking to form a BROCKHAMPTION style band? I'm interested if so - I'm currently working on improving my beat production skills and looking for rappers/other producers to work with...
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