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  1. Private Bass Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Players!

    Hey there, I'm an experienced bass player that has been playing for over 5 years, giving 1 one 1 bass lessons. I am well-versed in multitudes of genres, such as funk, rock, pop, punk, metal, blues,...
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    Looking for a bassist for our band!

    Hey, were a small math-rock/ midwest emo band that is looking for a bassist to jam and perform with! We do mostly our original songs, and once covid has calmed down were planning to perform live in...
  3. Guitar Lesson for Beginner - Intermediate Guitar Players!

    Hey, Iím an experienced guitar player who will be giving 1 on 1 lesson to beginners - intermediate players. My rates are 25 dollars for 1 lesson (45 minutes). My lessons are very practicality based,...
  4. I Teach Guitar, Ukulele and/or Bass for Beginners!

    Hey everyone,

    If you are looking for a guitar tutor for a cheap price, you've come to the right place! I teach guitar, ukulele and bass for beginners or anyone willing to try a new instrument. I...
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