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  1. Re: Wts -rare collection -kawai upright grand ku 51 -ivory/ebony keys

    Model should be KU 5D
    Price to go $2300
    Cash n carry
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    WTS- AER AK 15 plus pic up -

    Looking to sell AER AK 15 plus
    Pic up
    Still under warranty 1 more year
    Natural n clear pic up
    Book to reserved not uninstalled yet .
    Keen buyers: Whatsapp 9384-8000
  3. Wts -rare collection -kawai upright grand ku 51 -ivory/ebony keys

    Dear all, those who are looking for a treasure piece.
    This piano is around 48 years old- very good condition,
    tune regularly by a cerfified yamaha tuner regularly.

    Well kept with piano heater...
  4. WTS-Martin M38 Koa Special Rare piece -Mint

    Hi looking to sell my Martin M38
    Flame Koa Special Rare .

    Lrbaggs Anthem n FMI saddle installed n setup by Jarvis
  5. Used LG 42 In 2010 Model - Prestine condition for sale
    High destination LCD TV .
    Hi just upgraded to a LG 55 Ins TV
    This TV as mention tip TOP condition
    With Digital antena last year ,with TV control n Antena control...
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    WTS - D42 Reimagine 2018 -Mint

    Hi looking to sell D42 Reimagine 2018 June - Bought from City Music
    Installed AER pro mic and saddle pic up by CityMusic Tech.
    A very beautiful with nice grain back and side .
    Very good sounding...
  7. Re: WTS: Korg X50 Keyboard - Case & Keyboard stand included!

    Hi l need only KB stand ? $?
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    WTB -Key Board stand urgent

    Plse text me must be in locking —excellent condition

  9. Re: WTS : Quik Lok keyboard stand, keyboard bench and electric guitar stand

    Hi how much is the KB stand
    Where made n how much ?
  10. Re: WTS: Yamaha Clavinova CLP-440 Digital Piano

    Hi is your piano still available ?
    N how old is it .
  11. SOLD Re: WTS: Roland F-140R Digital Piano - Very Good Condition! $1200

    Hi is your Digi piano still available ?
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    Re: WTB- looking for Juno 61

    Thks guy
    Already found one n bought
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    Re: Roland digital piano F140R (white)

    Hi I am keen to find out more
    Plse text Whatsapp at 93871718
  14. SOLD Re: WTS - Taylor 914 CE First Edition 2016 Dec Mint Conditon

    Guitar Sold a nice gentleman
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    WTB- looking for Juno 61

    Looking for used Roland Juno
    Hi,Plse text me your Juno n pedal-case?
    Which year n condition
    Price asking ?

    Whatsapp 93848000
  16. SOLD WTS - Taylor 914 CE First Edition 2016 Dec Mint Conditon

    Taylor 914CE First Edison review YouTube
    Hi all Looking to sell this very good sounding piece
    Excellent playability set up by Jarvis...
  17. WTS - New Martin Re-imagine 2018 D42 -Mint under warranty still ( Like New) - Review YouTube

    Hi , letting go my Martin Drednought D42 Reimagine
    Very beautiful and good sounding piece
    Beautiful grain back and - side with spider like...
  18. Re: WTS-Mint and pretty new Reimagine D42 still under warranty
    Best Dread you can expect
    Garb it it’s as New still under warranty
    Bought from CityMusic on the 02/08/18
    My loss your gain
    Very beautiful back and side inking...
  19. WTS -Mint Condition Spider Line 6- 15 Watt

    Hi selling this Amplier ,very hardly use it
    Mint condition .

    Asking $85.00 price drop for grab

    New at $230.00 at CityMusic ,now they don't carry the brand any more .

    WhatsApp only plse,...
  20. Re: WTS- Mint Cindition Libe 6 Spider 15 watt

    Price drop for grab: $85.00
    Hurry !!!
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    WTS-Classical guitar hardcase

    Hi selling Stagg classical guitar case
    Very good condition
    What app at 93848000
    For photo .
  22. WTS- Mint Cindition Libe 6 Spider 15 watt

    Bought from CityMusic

    Letting go
    Hardly use it ,in mint condition
    Price asking $130.00
    Whatsapp only at...
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    Re: WTB-used Acoustic guitar case

    Thanks to all,
    Found one already .
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    WTB-used Acoustic guitar case

    Hi am looking for used acoustic
    Hard case GC size or dred case
    If you have not in use
    Text me 93848000
  25. WTS-Mint and pretty new Reimagine D42 still under warranty

    Hi looking to let go my Martin D42 .Reimagine ,smaller neck very comfortable improvement
    Bought in June 2018 the first 2 pieces that arrived .
    Beautiful piece with nice grain .
    Very good sounding...
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