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  1. WTS Yamaha TRBJP2 (Amber) - Excellent Condition

    Excellent condition with zero scratches, this much coveted bass is known for its wonderful clear tone, tight rich resonance and sweet crisp highs.

    Great for soloing, harmonics or any chordal...
  2. Supercharge your bass playing at WWW.BASSDOJO.PRO


    If you’ve just picked up the bass, or you’re a seasoned bassist facing a musical slump, I'm here to help with private bass lessons at

    Pick from a range of...
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    SOLD Re: WTS Korg Micro Key-37

    Sorry it's sold.
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    SOLD WTS Rare G&L USA L-2500 5-String Bass

    Solid bass with plenty of tone flexibility, definitely a workhorse for any gig. This is the rarer older model with "Made in USA Patent Pending" written on the headstock. Going at a very reasonable...
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    WTB Drum Throne

    Looking for an affordable 2nd hand drum throne, budget $30-50. Also looking to buy cymbal mutes.

    Msg me at nine-0-2-nine-4-9-seven-0
  6. FIRE SALE! WTS Hyundai Upright Acoustic Piano

    Quick sale of an old Hyundai upright acoustic piano I have lying around my home. Suitable for beginners or someone who wishes to begin learning the piano and would prefer starting on an acoustic...
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    SOLD WTS Korg Micro Key-37

    *FAST DEAL OFFER* $70 over the next 3 days of this posting (offer ends 11 May 2016).

    17948Excellent condition, very easy to use and its compact size works great for a home studio.

    Hit me up...
  8. URGENT - Female Singer/Pianist or Singer/Guitarist Wanted

    As stated, I am urgently looking for a female (no males please, it's a stipulated requirement from the client) singer who can also play the piano or guitar for a Thur/Fri/Sat weekly gig. Repertoire...
  9. SOLD WTS: Zon Legacy Elite 6-string (needs preamp replacement)

    Letting go of this exceptional bass for only SGD 1500, comes with a Yamaha hardcase. List price over USD 5000.

    NOTE the preamp is gone due to battery leak, and there are some naturally-occurring...
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    WTS EHX Deluxe Memory

    Selling EHX Deluxe Memory for $350, box and adapter included. Wendy - 90294970
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    WTS Opeth Ticket - 9 Feb (Thus)

    Urgently selling my $95 ticket for "Opeth Heritage Tour Live in Singapore"

    Date: Feb 09 (Thur), 2012
    Time: 7.30pm
    Venue: Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park

    Buzz me at 90294970 for fastest...
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