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    Re: Bassist looking for a band


    If you haven't found a band to gel with yet...
    I am a guitarist looking to form a small blues band (I am also primarily a hard rock lover so if we get a bigger ensemble we would definitely...
  2. SOLD Les Paul 2018 Historic '59 Brazilian - For Sale

    Just got this baby brand new recently from Chicago Music Exchange! This is by far the best top of the Brazilians they had - 3D ribbon flame with lots of movement finished in a rich Southern Fade that...
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    WTS: Les Paul 2014 Traditional

    2014 Les Paul Traditional Heritage Cherry Sunburst for sale. No dings, no scratches, no issues.

    A closet queen in excellent condition with original case and virtually no play wear... The...
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    NEW Fender Japan Classic 70s Ash Strat

    Just bought this last week... changed my mind so I'm selling.

    Perfect condition. No scratches, pickguard film cover still there, never been gigged or jammed, etc.
    Still a virgin so waiting for...
  5. WTS: Gretsch Jet Malcolm Young Firebird *RARE*

    Bold, simple and powerful - this is where the sound of AC/DC comes from!

    This guitar is discontinued, rare and in excellent original condition (9/10) with no mods. It has never been gigged and...
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    SOLD Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod for sale

    For sale: a pre-Fender Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod model.

    At the time this model was available in only four colours and black was not one of them, so this is a rare find! I am the original owner...
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