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  1. SOLD WTB Origin Effects Cali76 CD/SlideRig CD, WTS Keeley Fuzz Bender


    As per title, I'm looking to buy an Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe, or a SlideRIG Compact DeluxeMk2. Hmu if you have one to sell.
    Also, looking to sell a Keeley Fuzz Bender, only...
  2. Re: Wts brand new!! Prs john mayer silver sky moc sand price reduced

    Hello, is this still available?
  3. WTS Empress Buffer+, Vertex Steel String Supreme, Mooer FLEX Boost

    Hey all, offloading the pedals in the title, only used at home so pretty much mint

    1. Empress Buffer +, functions perfectly fine with box. Asking $180

    2. Vertex Steel String Supreme (SSS),...
  4. WTS > Joyo PXL-PRO, Ibanez TS9DX, Wampler Euphoria

    Hello, want to sell the a/m and b/m pedals. Please refer to the provided links for item conditions/details.

    1. Joyo PXL-Pro Looper/Switcher
    LF >> $180

    2. Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer Deluxe...
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    WTS Ibanez TS9DX


    Looking to sell an Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer in perfect working condition.

    Rubber feet on the bottom are a little loose but you'll want to take it off to velcro anyway.

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    Wts: Gretsch g5420t aspen green

    Selling my Gretsch G5420T in Aspen Green that I bought from Swee Lee back in 2013 for the aesthetics. Didn't really use it since then and it has been stuck in a closet since. I've taken it out,...
  7. Re: WTS Fender Stratocaster made in Mexico.

    Hello is this still available? I sms-ed the number but he replied wrong number.
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