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  1. Drummer starting an easy-going, casual band (Punk/hardcore or anything related).

    I need vocals, guitarists and bassists. It doesn't matter if you're still learning or are not good at whatever you're playing yet. As long as you're passionate about it then it's all good.

    Oh and...
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    Punk/hardcore drummer here.

    Comeback Kid, Have Heart, The Ghost Inside, Counterparts, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits.

    I'm into more heavier genres and a lot of other stuff as well but I'll just leave...
  3. Re: Anyone needs a raspy, punk-ish sounding vocalist?

    Wait how do you edit threads again? :D

    Just to add on a few more things. Firstly I'm a dude, not a chick haha. Shouldn't have tried to be funny and put Mariah Carey there in the first place.
  4. Anyone needs a raspy, punk-ish sounding vocalist?

    Hey how's it going?

    I've always wanted to sing in a band but never really gotten around it so yeah, here I am. I'm into a lot of stuff from the heavier spectrum of music but I'm open and would...
  5. Punk/hardcore drummer looking to jam casually. (I'm open to other genres as well)

    Hey! I'm looking for people to jam for fun with so hit me up if you need a drummer.

    I play a lot of punk and hardcore stuff but I'm open to anything really. I really don't mind whether you're good...
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