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  1. Re: Looking for jammers..To Jam 90's Grunge/foo fighters

    Akmal here!! Guitarist and also do a bit of vocals. Contact me at 92344682
  2. The Strokes cover Band - Casual jamming

    Hey all,

    Akmal here. I used to play in a pop punk band where we used to do shows. NS and life happened and we parted ways. Hoping to pick things up where I left off and just have fun.

    Been a...
  3. Pop punk/alt rock vocalist available

    Hi Akmal here

    I'm 21 this year and I wanted to try to focus more on singing. I've played with bands before being a vocalist and guitarist. Experienced with playing gigs and shows.

    My voice...
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    My band is in need of a female vocalist willing to commit for jamming and also future gigs. The band just started out early 2016 and has a lot of line up changes. We hope that YOU would be...
  5. *Forming a new indie/grunge project band*

    Hey there

    I'm Akmal and i'm currently 18 years old.

    I've been playing music all my life and also been playing in a pop punk band called Red Charades in a lot of shows. I'm starting to venture...
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    18yo Guitarist Available

    Hey there,

    My name is Akmal and i play the guitar. Hahaha, i can play both rhythm and lead guitars. I have been playing for real, for 8 years ++ and seems like it won't end. I have experienced...
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    17 year old Guitarist available!

    Hey there!

    I'm a malay dude who's been playing since i was a kid. I'm 17 and currently studying in TP.

    I grew up listening to classic rock like Deep Purple, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Eric...
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    Drummer wanted!!!

    Hey there

    My name is Akmal and i'm a guitarist/singer. My band called Red Charades consisting of me and my bassist is looking for a committed drummer.

    We play genres like pop-punk, punk rock...
  9. DRUMMER?? We need you to play gigs!


    First of all thank you for taking your time to read this.

    My name is Akmal, a guitarist/singer and i'm 17. I play in a band called Red Charades consisting of a bassist and myself. We...
  10. Re: DRUMMER??? We're looking for you!

    UPS Drummer position is still available :)
  11. DRUMMER??? We're looking for you!

    Hello there,

    I have a band called Red Charades and our drummer recently quit our band due to commitment reasons. My band consists of me (Guitar and vocals) and a bassist. We are looking for a...
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