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  1. check my bandcamp out — alt rock/lofi/acoustic/gothic stuff


    all support is appreciated! thank you so much. other links and music videos:
  2. music + video made entirely by just 2 people // creepy lil song! ‘SICKCITY’.

    hey everyone, me and my partner just released a music video for our song :) the two of us basically made everything on our own — the music, the video editing,...
  3. new original creepy / dark alternative song :) ‘SICKCITY’ check it out! :D

    hey guys! i have a new single released! it’s a creepy little song talking about my feelings on where i’m living in at the moment. hope you guys can check it out, the style is pretty different from my...
  4. music up on spotify! hope you can check it out :) — alt/indie/lofi/rock. more below

    hey my music is finally up on spotify! i write about body image issues, the frustrations of trauma, uncertainty of life, etc. i hope you can check my music out there ❤️

    all support, listens and...
  5. it’s my birthday! i just released a music video of my song. hope you can check it out

    would be a great birthday gift if you checked it out! ❤️ “life is fragile”
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    original grunge-90s-inspired song; DAWN

    !! !! FOR WAY HIGHER QUALITY play the song here (yt worsened the quality.) : !! !!

    please like/comment/sub if...
  7. life is fragile. new original song; different from my previous stuff.
  8. new cover on the guitar/vocals. had fun playing this! (49bags - nascar)
  9. new original song. a pretty personal piece. ⛓
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    hey there. i’m mune.
    i have a pretty versatile voice range. i’m an alto, but i can belt out soprano notes.
    i play the guitar. pretty noob at it, tbh but i’m still learning and quite new to it.
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    real short EP - self-loathing
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