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  1. Re: Female vocalist looking to start Jpop/Jrock band

    Hello! 20 years old kid here, I play both Guitar and Drums. Hit me up at 92996576, my name is Benjamin.
  2. Re: Looking for Lead guitarist, for a original songs: alterativemo rock!

    Yo, I'm not a particularly great lead guitarist, but I would sure love to try it out and get better with you peeps. 20 year old male here, contact me at 92996576
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    Re: Mandarin band forming

    Hello! I play Guitar and Drums, hit me up if you want to try out a jam session together. (I have an E-Kit at home) 92996576
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    Re: LF people for Japanese band~

    Yo, I'm a drummer that mainly plays to Gazette songs and a couple of One Ok Rock songs, love drumming to Japanese songs in general.

    I have been playing for 1 year plus, contact me at 92996576 if...
  5. Re: Small band looking for Bassist and Drummer

    Note: We are looking for members aged 18 - 25! Thanks!
  6. Small band looking for Bassist and Drummer

    Hello! We are a 3 piece band consisting of a Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboardist. We are looking forward to add new members to form a more complete band inclusive of a Bassist and a Drummer.

    Would be...
  7. Re: Noobs looking for other noobs to start a band:D

    Hello, been playing acoustic guitar for 2 years+ now, but recently picked up drumming and electric guitar! Highly interested in music and playing with other people, so hit me up at 92996576!
  8. Re: Looking for beginner electric guitarist

    Beginner electric guitarist here, would love to be able to play with you someday, contact me at (92996576)
  9. Re: Female vocalist looking for people to sing and jam with ~

    Hey, been playing the guitar for 2 years +, and dont mind trying out new stuffs ( genres, jamming sessions etc.) I'm turning 19 this year, so should applicable for this job right? Haha

    9299 6576...
  10. Re: Female vocalist looking for band members/vocalists

    Hey there! Been playing the guitar for 2 years +, would love to jam and see if I can match your standards HAHA.

    9299 6576 (Benjamin)
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