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    Re: Bassist available

    Hi, we're looking for a Bassist for our indie punk-rock band. Here's our post -...
  2. New bass player needed for local (original) gigging indie-rock/punk band!

    we're looking for a new bass player to join our originals band - The Hanoi Social.

    Our current player is...
  3. Bass player wanted for Indie/Rock band

    Let us know if you're a bass player looking to join an Indie/Rock/Punk band. We're in our mid-30's and are a drummer and a guitarist/singer/songwriter (from India and the UK respectively) in...
  4. Re: Drummer looking for people to jam with

    Hey, I'm a guitarist, been playing about 20 years (36 now) and keen to jam with a drummer on a similar basis to yourself. It sounds like we've got exactly the same taste in music - particularly 're...
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