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  1. Black Frost (Grover Washington Jr.) by 동네기타권
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    Maputo (Marcus Miller) by 동네기타권
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    Rain (Vinnie Moore) by 동네기타권

    Here is soulful rocking rock ballad by Vinnie Moore. Thanks for watching ! Stay healthy !!!
  4. Party In Simon's Pants (Steve Lukather) by 동네기타권
  5. The Crush of Love (Joe Satriani) by 동네기타권
  6. Ten Words Cover (Joe Satriani) by 동네기타권
  7. On Your Sweet Soul (Andy Timmons) by 동네기타권

    I was kind of in a slump, feeling not motivated to do anything. Now, I can sense small flame being sparked slightly in my mind. Here is the famous song by Andy Timmons, 'On Your Sweet Soul'. Thanks...
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    Europa (Santana) by 동네기타권

    I finally got to play 'Europa' by Santana this time, a song requested by my dear wife long time ago. She seems satisfied by my efforts. I hope you all enjoy it ~ Thanks.

  9. Amazing Grace (Neil Zaza Ver.) by 동네기타권
  10. I Love You Much Too Much (SANTANA) by 동네기타권

    My dear wife requested a Santana music. Out of many beautiful pieces, I chose this one, as the title implies everything I needed to say. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks.

  11. Summer Song (Joe Satriani) Cover - 동네기타권(Amateur Guitarist Kwon)
  12. Can't Go Back (Joe Satriani) Cover - 동네기타권 (Amateur Guitarist Kwon)
  13. Starry Night (Joe Satriani) Cover by 동네기타권(Guitarist Kwon)
  14. Affirmation (George Benson) Cover - 동네기타권(Amatuer Guitarist Kwon)
  15. Jazz 'n' Samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim) by 동네기타권

    Here is a jazz piece suitable for weather like this. It has been long time since i practiced a jazz piece. I hope you all enjoy it ~
  16. 못다한 내마음을 (커버) - 동네기타권

    제가 몸답고 있는 직밴의 베이시스트 형님께서 요청하신 연주곡입니다. 처음 듣는 곡이었지만 산타나 느낌이 강하게 들어서 너무 마음에 들었습니다.
    알고 보니 기타리스트들이 꼭 한번씩은 연주하는 그런 명곡이었더군요. 저도 한번 카피를 한번 해봤습니다.
    역시나 ! 솔로파트는 제가 나름대로 꾸며봤습니다. 감상해주셔서 감사합니다.

    A bassist...
  17. Hey Jude Cover - 솔로 기타 연주곡 편곡 (동네기타권)
  18. Re: 어느 60대 노부부 이야기 - 솔로 어쿠스틱 기타 연주곡 버전 (동네기타권), Solo Acoustic

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it ^^
  19. Yamaha Guitar Challenge - 동네기타권(Kwon Guitar)
  20. 어느 60대 노부부 이야기 - 솔로 어쿠스틱 기타 연주곡 버전 (동네기타권), Solo Acoustic Gui
  21. 잊어야 한다는 마음으로 (김광석) 커버 - 동네기타권 버젼 (Vocal & Solo Acoustic Guitar), Godin ACS-Slim
  22. Korean Pop (그날들) - Vocal & Solo Acoustic Guitar
  23. Satch Boogie Cover - 동네기타권 (Kwon Guitar), John Suhr Modern, Helix LT
  24. 서른즈음에 (커버) - 동네기타권 (Vocal & Solo Acoustic Guitar), Godin ACS-Slim
  25. Korean Pop Cover(거리에서) - Vocal & Solo Acoustic Guitar, Godin ACS-Slim
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