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  1. Looking for an R&B Female ENG vox to join a duo in making a K-RnB album

    Looking for a Female R&B vocalist able to write her own english lyrics and able to give input in making a Korean/English Experimental R&B & Rap Album, ultimately to be released in major music...
  2. LOOKING for Guitarist & Female Vocalist to 70's-90's disco, soul, R&B and funk band

    We are a new band consisting of a keyboardist, drummer, and bassist with many years of experience in our own instruments.
    Influenced by bands such as :
    Earth Wind & Fire
    Sister Sledge
  3. Music arranger looking for female vocalist to work with! (Youtube)

    I am able to record multiple instruments (bass, keyboards, synths, guitar, drums) through an audio workstation and I am looking for a female vocalist to record and do covers with.
    Please do contact...
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