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  1. Looking for Guitarist and Keyboardist for JPOP band

    Hey, forming a band that will cover anime OPs or JPOP in general. Pm 91124355 if interested, thanks!
  2. Re: LF Keyboardist to join English Pop Band

    Also we need a lead guitarist, please pm if interested
  3. LF Keyboardist to join English Pop Band

    Hey everyone, looking for a keyboardist to join our english pop band. It will be modern pop 2000s. We already have a bass player, drummer, Vocalists, and Guitar. Please contact 91124355 if...
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    LF Pop Guiatrist and Keyboardist

    Currently forming a band, have bassist, drummer, and vocalist. Will be covering 2000s Pop music, if interested please WA 91124355, thanks!
  5. Re: 22 year old guitarist looking for bandmates/jamming buddies

    Hi, Im actually forming a pop band, already have a bassist, Singer, and a drummer (me). Interested to join? 91124355 pm on wa
  6. Drummer and Vocalist looking for other instruments for Anime/JPOP Casual Band

    Hey guys, A Drummer and Vocalist here, looking for Anime song players/ jpop players, perhaps bass, keyboardist, electric guitarists, etc. Hmu @91124355 if interested
  7. Re: Newbie vocalist looking to join a jpop/anime casual band

    Right, Im not sure whether this is the 4th msg I sent you, but yes Im interested to link up on wa (91124355), I do more OPs also, can check my ig music account out: @justinkamvevo
  8. Drummer LF JPOP, Taiwanese pop, and English 2000s pop players or bands

    Hey there, drummer here looking for a band willing to do modern pop songs. If interested please WA 91124355

    Msg if you need samples of my playing, thanks! :D
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    Re: drummer for mandoband

    Interested to find out more, drummer here 91124355
  10. Re: Eletric guitarist and keyboardist looking for bandmates

    Hey sorry, your mando pop songs you mean jay chou those kind? And english pop rock meaning 2000s kind?
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    Re: LF J-pop drummer

    Hi sorry, still avail?
  12. Re: Newbie vocalist looking to join a jpop/anime casual band

    Hi sorry, wanted to find out whether you're interested in anime OPs and OSTs? And have any other musicians contacted you, as I am a drummer that wants to get into a band that plays anime songs
  13. Drummer Interested in JPOP or anime genre

    Anyone wanna jam casual anime OPs and OSTs hmu 91124355
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    Drummer Looking for a band

    Hey guys, Im a drummer that is interested to play with other instruments. Im not the heavy metal rock drummer kind, more into 2000s pop and anime music. Am looking for a casual band that doesnt mind...
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