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    Re: Casual drummer wanna jam

    Hey man, I am new to the website and looking for people to jam and have fun with. I can play guitar but haven't played in a while and want to get back to the track. If you dont mind inexperience and...
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    Re: Hobbyist drummer looking for people to jam

    Want to play some funk?
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    Re: Trumpet player looking for a band

    Hey, still looking?
    I'm a guitarist player that has been playing for long but now want to start again..
    If u are interested text me on +6590590384
  4. Re: 26-year-old indie drummer looking for a band to jam with

    Hey man, I'm same age and I used to play guitar for some time but PhD has taken my free time and I want to fight for it!

    I like what music u want to play, I'm also up for funk such as jamiroquai...
  5. Re: Learning bassist looking for like-minded band mates

    Hey! I'm Srdjan and I used to play guitar but also haven't touched it for long time.. I'm most interested into some funk like jamiroquai, or something like this, I may be fine with singing as well.....
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    Re: Anyone wanna Jam to make youtube videos?

    Hey I'm Srdjan and I'm a PhD student hee in Singapore! I used to play guitar for a long and now want to continue..
    What kind of music u want to play?
    I'm very up for it!

    My whatsupp number is...
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