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    1 Off Metal instrumental collab

    Hello Friends,

    I'm looking for fellow guitarists/ bassists/ drummers to collab on 1 instrumental metal / post metal track together.

    Super low commitment of 1 song just for fun.

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    Looking for rock/folk vocalist

    Hi Fellow musicians,

    i'm looking for a vocalist to write songs together and to form a studio based soft rock / folk band but on the lower commitment side due to my work commitments as well.

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    WTS : Cort MR-E 3TSS

    Dear Buyers,

    i am looking to sell away my CORT MR-E 3TSS acoustic guitar.

    Asking price = $195

    -In good condition.
    -Comes with guitar Bag
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    WTS : Korg M50 61 Keys

    Dear Interested Buyers,

    I am looking to sell away my Korg M50 61 Key Synthesizer.

    Asking price = $450

    No Scratches and generally good condition.

    Only brought it out for jamming for less...
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    Looking for collab (Metal)

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a collaboration for a doom/sludge/black/death/dark ambient metal project.

    Studio based only (no time to prep for live shows as i'm working fulltime) Key requirement...
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    WTS : Audio technica ATH M30

    Selling brand new Audio technica ath m30. Never used before. Going for $70. No box. Please note that this is the old model ATH m30 and not the latest M30X model. whatsapp me at 96653713
  7. WTS : Music,songwriting and composition books.

    selling 1.) the producer's manual by paul white ( ) at $25. , 2.) justin beginners songbook at $10. ...
  8. WTS : Shure SRH 440 and Prodipe pro 580

    1.) shure SRH 440 going for $110 and prodipe pro 580 going for $25.

    whatsapp me at 96653713 for pictures of the condition and other details etc
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    WTS : Tascam DP 008ex

    Selling Tascam DP 008ex. Brand new condition. Power cable not included. Bought in 2015 March on impulse,used once.
    Working perfectly as tested yesterday. Letting go for $200,contact me at 96653713...
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    WTS : Vox Pathfinder 10 (Red)

    Selling vox path finder 10 (red color). Letting go at $60. Used once. Impulse buy in march 2015. Working perfectly when i tested yesterday. Very good condition. Contact me at 96653713 if interested.
  11. WTS : Truetone GarageTone Drivetrain Overdrive Pedal

    Bought on impulse,used once and kept in storage box since 2015 october til now,still working perfectly as i tested it yesteday.

    Power adapter not included. Letting it go for $60 . Whatsapp...
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    looking for vocalist

    looking for vocalist for collab studio project. something in the vein of hurts, phantogram, crystal castles, Portishead, how to destroy angels (synths galore)

    goal is to write an ep within one...
  13. Looking for band members - industrial music

    Hi Fellow musicians,i'm looking for band members for an industrial music project like throbbing gristle but with more of a structure and not that chaotic. Certain criteria = race and gender doesnt...
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    My 5 songs 5 min EP.

    This won't be the best thing you've heard all day,

    but it will be the soundtrack and salvation to your epic constipation.
  15. looking to record one man band/pop/acoustic/hip hop acts

    i do free lance recording. Rates are 100per song (maximum of 10 hours of tracking,subsequently at 10/hr)

    - if u always had an idea for your music but are limited by your ability to play all sorts...
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    looking for songwriting partner

    me : 23 year old keyboardist (grade 5 level),working full time,songwriting part time
    skillset : beats programming,synth sounds design,basic guitar chord strumming. Basic recording.

    looking for...
  17. Re: Female vocalist looking to join or form a band

    hi Im a keyboardist that writes pop songs n am looking for a vocalist to work together with,im focused more on the songwriting aspect of things n if u r interested do whatsapp me at 96653713
  18. wts :korg micro key 37 key and nanopad2 (black)

    selling for 120 for both. USB cables included and both rarely used. whatsapp me at 96653713 for details
  19. keyboardist looking for vocalists for casual weekend acoustic jam

    Hi ppl im a 23 year old keyboardist i play mainly 4 chord pop and im looking for a vocalist or 2 for sat night jams.whatsapp me at 96653713 if interested
  20. looking for fellow synthesizer enthusiasts

    hi all im not really wanting to form a band but rather looking for fellow musicians who like to create whacky new sounds through synths (be it software or real gear) and this is more of like a meetup...
  21. looking for musicians who want to record songs for free

    terms and conditions are as follows

    Genres: pop,hip hop and acoustic only
    -recording for first 8 hours is free and subsequently its 10 dollars per hour.(to protect myself from suckers who dont...
  22. basic recording setup and cubase course

    hi all i'm offering a 30 dollar course for 2 hours and it covers the following

    1 teach you how to record guitar,bass,keyboards and vocals on cubase
    2. create synth sounds and record them and...
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    practicing cadences

    hi all,

    i've recently finished learning all the major and minor scales,basic arppregios etc and i would like to incorporate cadences into my practice routine,i know there is like a few types of...
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    cubase 6 power! book

    does anybody here have this book,is it good for a beginner to use? if anybody wants to sell i'm highly interested as well
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    selling monotron

    in damn bloody good condition

    -used twice only

    - no more warranty but it looks extremely new and everything works

    going for $50,sms me at 96653713 if interested
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