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  1. Looking for rappers and producers to start a hip-hop collective

    Hey there, I'm looking for fellow hip-hop heads (rappers, producers, instrumentalists) to start a rap collective. I'm deeply into old school hip-hop, sample driven music and loops. Some of my...
  2. Re: Looking to form an experimental rock band (industrial/noise rock/post punk/post r

    Hey there, im a 28 year old bassist/drummer here. Hit me up at 92272830 to connect!
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    Re: Looking for guitar jamming buddy

    Hey there, I'm a 28 year old bassist, and I'd like to join you to keep up music chops up. Hit me up at 92272830
  4. Forming a blues/dark funk/indie/Lo-Fi jamming group based in the East

    Hey there, I'm a 28-year-old bassist looking to form a blues/funk/indie/ Lo-fi group. Some of the music that I love include Interpol, Bloc Party, Daft Punk, A Tribe Called Quest, Badbadnotgood,...
  5. Re: 26 Year Old Guitarist Looking for Pop/Rock/Blues Band

    Hey there, we have pretty similar music tastes! I'm a 28 year old bassist. Hit me up at 92272830
  6. Re: Looking for creatives of all inclinations

    Hey, love your influences. My influences are pretty vast too, but really dig that you like Madvillain. I play the bass and drums. Do hit me up on instagram
  7. Hip-hop Bassist Wanted (Beginners welcome)

    Hey there, we're looking for a bassist who's interested in playing hip-hop music. You don't have to be a professional or anything, but first and foremost you must have a passion for hip-hop. Would be...
  8. Bassist wanted for Hip-Hop band (Beginners welcome)

    Hey there,

    We're a two-piece Hip-Hop (rapper/guitarist + drummer) outfit, hoping to add a third member to play basslines:

    You don't have to be an expert bassist, just one that can follow rhythm...
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    Hip Hop Drummer Wanted

    Hey there,

    I'm a hip-hop head who's aiming to form an old school rap cover band. As of now, I'm looking for a drummer who is comfortable with playing mostly hip-hop and rap beats.

    So far, the...
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    Indie band looking for bassist

    Hey there,

    We are an indie rock trio, looking for a bassist to join us. All three of us are multi-instrumentalists, and we're hoping to find a bassist that can play and provide backing vocals as...
  11. 26-year-old indie drummer looking for a band to jam with

    Hey there, I'm a 26-year-old drummer, and I'm looking for a band to jam with.

    I have live performance experience playing bass with other bands, but I'm hoping to practice and brush up my drumming....
  12. Re: Looking for Alt-Rock / Indie Pop-ish Drummer

    Hey there, I'm a 26-year-old drummer that stays in the east side. I have a guitar, bass amp, keyboard and drum rig at my place. Hit me up if you're interested!

  13. 26-year-old drummer looking to start an Indie project

    Hey wassup guys, I'm a 26-year-old drummer looking for like-minded, similar age group to start an indie project with.

    My personal influences are indie acts like Broken Social Scene, Bloc Party,...
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    Re: Indie band?

    hey I don't mind contributing drums if you need a drummer! you can hit me up at 92272830
  15. Starting an experimental DJ/producer-drummer band - Drummer here

    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking about starting a producer-drummer duo, somewhat in the experimental direction of acts like SBTRKT, Death Grips, Travis Barker/ DJ AM, y'know basically like electronic music...
  16. WTS: Tenacious D tickets at early bird price!!

    Hi, I can't make it for Tenacious D's concert on 2nd dec so I have to sell my tickets. Im selling a pair of tickets at early bird price, which is at $91 each (both $180). Let me know if you're...
  17. 21 year old singer guitarist looking for indie band

    Hi, Im a 21 year old singer- guitarist looking to join a band. I'm fairly experienced, been playing a few gigs on-and- off with my old band. I listen to mostly fast paced indie music, the likes of...
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    Re: indie rock bassist here

    Hi, we're currently a three piece band, guitarist/singer, bassist, and drummer, and we're looking for an additional member to join our band. We're all multi- instrumentalists, so don't worry. We...
  19. Inide/Post-punk revival/Experimental

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking to form a band which does indie/post-punk revival/garage rock/experimental. After attending laneway festival this year, I feel inspired to start a band which goes towards...
  20. looking for assorted musicians to start an experimental/ rap group!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning to start an experimental/ rap group, focusing heavily on on bass grooves and drops. I am influenced by bands such as death grips, death from above 1979, radiohead (the...
  21. All indie lovers hereeeeeeeee ----->>

    Hey guys, we're wake up charlie, a new band which is influenced by the likes of bloc party, two door cinema club, the strokes, foster the people and many other indie bands. We're four guys, all...
  22. 18-20 year old drummer wanted! East side preferable

    Hi there! Our band is looking for a drummer after our previous one left due to other commitments. Our band is pretty much into mostly indie, with specks of punk and grunge influences. I wouldn't want...
  23. Selling brand new crumpler bag for only $50! (:

    Dear all, im selling a western lawn crumpler for $50! I recently got it as a gift from a friend, and since ive got plenty of bags already, i figured i'd let it go for $50!
    So do let me know if...
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    Hi, does this mean i can use this for microphones?

    Hi, does this mean i can use this for microphones?
  25. Post-punk revival/ Dance Punk bassist here

    Hi, im looking for a band to join. Should be in the direction of Bloc Party, DFA 1979, Blood red shoes, Bang Bang Eche, The wombats, the strokes, two door cinema club, any band which has high tempo...
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