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  1. SOLD WTS: Elektron Digitone FM Synthesizer Groovebox

    Im selling my Digitone! This is an 8 voice FM synth with an inbuilt sequencer. The 8 voices are distributed over 4 tracks, all of which feature the famous Elektron sequencer, with support for trig...
  2. SOLD WTS: Oberheim Matrix 1000 Vintage Analog Poly Synth

    Vintage Analog polysynth on the cheap! The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is a rackmount version of the Oberheim Matrix 6. Its a 6 voice synth, with 2 oscillators per voice and a single low pass filter. It has...
  3. SOLD WTS: Access Virus B Multitimbral Virtual Analog Synth Desktop Module

    Hi, I've moved to eurorack so im selling my Access Virus B. This is a virtual analog synth desktop module. Each voice has 3 oscillators with a suboscillator, along with 3 LFOS and 2 filters. The...
  4. Re: WTS: Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer

    Bumping for visibility
  5. Re: WTS: Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer

    Price reduced to SGD 330. Sms 9-23-0-1007 if interested!
  6. WTS: Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer

    Selling a used Arturia Minibrute. This is a 1st generation unit. Its a brilliant synth capable of ultra aggressive synth tones.

    The unit has visible signs of wear on its body, but its fully...
  7. SOLD WTS: Zoom H1 Portable Stereo Audio Recorder

    Selling a used Zoom H1 Portable Stereo Recorder. This is the first generation version. It can record high quality WAV audio up to 96khz/24bit onto SD card via its onboard stereo microphones. You can...
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    WTS: Korg Volca Bass

    Selling a used Korg Volca Bass. Lovely synth for acid basslines.

    Condition: Good. Some scratches on the bottom. Fully functional.

    WIll include fresh set of batteries.

    Selling for SGD110. SMS...
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    SOLD WTS: Korg Volca Keys (modded)

    Selling a used Korg Volca Keys. This unit has been modded with a MIDI out on 3.5mm jack (following the Korg 3.5mm standard, so you can use it as a battery-operated MIDI controller) and a pre-filter...
  10. SOLD WTS: Mutable Instruments Braids (Eurorack Synth Module)

    Selling a used Mutable Instruments Braids. Some wear around screw holes, but otherwise in pristine condition. This is not a DIY build, it's an original Braids manufactured by Mutable Instruments,...
  11. WTS: M-Audio Midisport Uno 1x1 USB MIDI Interface

    Used. A simple 1 input 1 output USB MIDI Interface. Great for interfacing with synths or what not. The plastic housing shows wear and tear, but it functions perfectly.

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    WTB Arturia Keystep

    Hey im looking for an Arturia Keystep if theres anyone out there intending to part with theirs. It seems like its out of stock almost everywhere.

    Sms me at 9-23-1-007 if u have one youre willing...
  13. SOLD WTS: Native Instruments Maschine Mk I Controller (WITHOUT software)

    Hi selling a used Maschine Mk 1 controller, WITHOUT the MASCHINE software. If you bought a Maschine Mikro and want a cheap upgrade to a full controller or just want a spare controller in case of...
  14. SOLD WTS: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade PO-20

    Selling a like-new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade PO-20. This is a tiny portable battery-operated chiptune groovebox gadgety toy-like thing. It has 16 sounds, 16 punch-in effects and a...
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    SOLD WTS: Roli Seaboard Block

    Selling a used Roli Seaboard Block. It's a wonderfully expressive 24-key portable MIDI controller, with a unique membrane playing surface, allowing for smooth controls like gliding from note to note,...
  16. WTS: Eurorack Case and Power Starter Kit: 84HP 3U Skiff + Synthrotek Super Power Red

    Start your modular synth journey with this case, with included power. I've recently upgraded my case so I'm selling this. It's a DIY 3U 84HP skiff open back case, made with Schroff rails and clear...
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    Re: Buying in Singapore

    What synth brand are you looking at? For some niche brands, there is usually low demand so local retailers dont keep many units in stock, if any, and only bring in when an order is placed.
  18. SOLD WTS: Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 MKII with +Drive

    (I've decided to relist this)
    I'm selling an Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MK II, with a +Drive installed. Its a 6 track digital synthesizer with multiple synth engines and the famous Elektron...
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    SOLD WTS: Korg microkorg (SGD100, cheap!)

    This is an original model microkorg. I.e not the microkorg s or xl models.
    Everything is in working condition. Some of the patch buttons require a bit more pressure to activate but other than that...
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    WTS Elektron Monomachine MKII w/ +Drive


    I'm selling an Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MK II, with a +Drive installed. Its a 6 track digital synthesizer with multiple synth engines and the famous Elektron sequencer. You also have 6 MIDI...
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    SOLD GIVEAWAY: Vintage Yamaha QX3 MIDI Sequencer

    I'm giving away a Yamaha QX3. This is a vintage MIDI sequencer from 1987. It has a unique job-based workflow, which might be either completely incomprehensible or lead to interesting musical results,...
  22. WTS: Fostex X-28 4-track Cassette Tape Recorder + 8 Channel Mixer (Partially Broken)

    Selling a vintage Fostex X-28 4-track cassette tape recorder.

    Includes AC Adapter.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The TAPE DECK IS BROKEN, so it's not possible to play or record tapes. Attempting to do so...
  23. SOLD WTS: Alesis Multimix 8 USB 8 channel Mixer with 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface, 2x FX

    Selling a used Alesis Multimix 8 USB. It's an 8 channel mixer with onboard DSP effects, per-channel 3-band EQ and a 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface built in.

    Includes USB Cable + AC Adapter.
  24. SOLD WTS: Tascam US-800 8-in/6-out USB Audio Interface

    Selling a used Tascam US-800. Never used outside of studio.
    Some scratches on bottom but otherwise in excellent working condition.

    Includes USB Cable + AC Adapter.

    6 Analog Inputs with 6 Mic...
  25. SOLD WTS: Steinberg UR44 6-in/4-out USB Audio Interface

    Selling a used Steinberg UR44. It was used only in my studio and so remains in Mint condition. Includes AC Adapter and USB cable.
    Drivers/Software available from Steinberg website.
    It's a rock...
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