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  1. looking to for a band for punk and shoegaze

    I'm looking to form a band playing music like
    -Deftones, my bloody valentine, joy division, Slowdive, fugazi, black flag, cigarette after sex, sonic youth, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,...
  2. looking to for a band for punk and shoegaze

    looking for guitarists and drummers and a vocalist to play either punk/grunge and/or shoegaze
    hit me up on whatsapp. +6584340948
  3. Re: Bassist/ guitarist for 80s post punk indie band

    hey man, I'm keen. huge fan of the bands you listed. do whatsapp me @ 84340948
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    Looking for vocalists male or female

    Hi there. We are looking for a vocalist that could sing like Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Gender won't be an issue. Our sound ranges from Rage against the machine to System of a down to even James...
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    Looking for hip hop vox and bassist

    Looking for a vocalist who can rap like Rage againts the machine or like slipknot and bassist to be in our band. We exclusively play funk with a fusion of heavy metal. Abit of blue and hip hop.

  6. Looking for guitarist and bassist for a "Rage against the machine" type

    I ( Huzaifah Abu Bakar. Just type that on Google to know more bout me) and a rapper Lionel Kelvin D'Cruz ( head of a music production company) are looking for guitarist and bassist for our band. And...
  7. looking to start a band and looking for guitarist/vocals

    hi there.

    We are looking for a guitarist/vocalist. our genre ranges from exprimental to noise to hardcore punk. the idea being is to incorporate all these genre altogether.
    no cover songs if were...
  8. Re: Guitarist&singer open for impro/composition: indie, experimental, ambient, noise

    Hi Bruno. Me and a bassist of mine are looking for a guitarist just like you. No covers. We make our own music. My fav artists ranges from sonic youth (pre-90's), Autolux, well most shoe gaze bands...
  9. Re: Looking for Alt-Rock / Indie Pop-ish Drummer

    Hey there

    I just pm-Ed you
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