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  1. Looking for bass player to form a chill band and jam

    Hello, we are lead/rhythm guitarist, drummer and keyboardist (pretty much beginner level for me) looking for a bass player to form a chill group and play and jam mostly for fun, at least at first.
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    Re: Looking to start a band with beginners

    Hey guys, I am beginner with keyboard while my friend is good on drums. We met to play couple of times at the basement studio so were looking to get and electric guitar and bass player. Overall, we...
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    Re: Casual drummer wanna jam

    Hey man, I am new to the website and looking for people to jam and have fun with. I can play guitar but haven't played in a while and want to get back to the track. If you dont mind inexperience and...
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    Re: Hobbyist drummer looking for people to jam

    Want to play some funk?
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    Re: Trumpet player looking for a band

    Hey, still looking?
    I'm a guitarist player that has been playing for long but now want to start again..
    If u are interested text me on +6590590384
  6. Re: 26-year-old indie drummer looking for a band to jam with

    Hey man, I'm same age and I used to play guitar for some time but PhD has taken my free time and I want to fight for it!

    I like what music u want to play, I'm also up for funk such as jamiroquai...
  7. Re: Learning bassist looking for like-minded band mates

    Hey! I'm Srdjan and I used to play guitar but also haven't touched it for long time.. I'm most interested into some funk like jamiroquai, or something like this, I may be fine with singing as well.....
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    Re: Anyone wanna Jam to make youtube videos?

    Hey I'm Srdjan and I'm a PhD student hee in Singapore! I used to play guitar for a long and now want to continue..
    What kind of music u want to play?
    I'm very up for it!

    My whatsupp number is...
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