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    Looking for Bassist & Drummer

    Hello everyone!
    Im 21 this year 👍🏼😃
    I am planning to form a band just to jam (for fun no commitments)

    Currently, I only have a rhythm guitarist to jam with 👁👄👁were looking for more buddies to...
  2. Re: Bassist available for pop punk ,punk rock ,alt rock etc.

    Hi! Me and my guitarist are interested to jam with the genres you stated above! Im 21 this year and my friend is 23 if youre interested do DM me on instagram @thesyafuchan ! ^_^
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    Re: Drummer looking for bandmates!

    Hi! Me (21) and my guitarist (23) are looking for a drummer to jam with! We’re also newbies but just wanna jam around!

    We mostly like punk rock/indie! If you’re interested do dm me at my instagram...
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