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  1. Re: New Band Looking For Bassist and Vocalist

    Members found. If you would still like guitar advice, you can still text me no problem. :)
  2. New Band Looking For Bassist and Vocalist

    Well, just formed a band and right now we have 2 guitarists (me included) and a drummer. All 3 of us are into the same genres: Classic rock, alt rock and the occasional metal and screamo.

    Two of...
  3. Electric Guitarist Here. Can form band/Can join band.

    I was thinking maybe it's time I join a band and see the world for myself. I am a regular in the SAF working 8 to 5 job. Open on all nights and occasionally the weekends. Currently serve in church...
  4. Re: WTS: Gretsch G5420t (sunburst/tobacco)

    In case anyone wonders, I was the one who sanded the neck down last year when owning it. Felt that necks from Gretsch guitars were too sticky. Still sold it in the end because of the chunky body. Oh...
  5. SOLD WTS Fender Classic Series 60's Stratocaster

    Greetings fellow musicians! Here I have a Fender Classic Series 60's Stratocaster up for sale. Had it for awhile but I still prefer my other guitars more. Here are some pictures of it:

    28856 28857...
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    Sticky: Re: Gear Photos 2017


    This thread seems so quiet. Anyways just to bring some life into this thread, here's my pedalboard. I love the Fulltone OCD and Strymon Timeline to pieces. These are 2 pedals I cannot live...
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    Is it Christmas yet?

    Apparently so. Look!


    Even my TC pedals thinks it's time for Christmas!

    Jokes aside, I have this weird obsession of swapping the knobs and covers of pedals from the same brand just...
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    Sticky: Re: Gear Photos 2016


    2016 is ending soon. And I managed to complete my board. Hope this qualifies as "gear pic"! :)
  9. Don't know what pedals to buy? Look here!

    Hi fellow musicians. I have noticed a lot of my friends asking me to recommend them guitar pedals. Well, fear no more people, I have gathered a list of pedals I feel beginners would love to seek when...
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    SOLD WTB: TC Electronic Polytune 2

    Looking for a TC Polytune 2. Colour can be either White or Blacklight, it doesn't matter. I specifically only want these 2 models because of the courtesy power outlet the normal-sized version of the...
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    SOLD WTS/WTT TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    It's a very reluctant sale for me because I am having so much fun with this pedal at home. Unfortunately, I don't even touch it when I am on stage, hence I would rather spare the space for a pedal...
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    SOLD WTS PT3 Hard Case

    Bought the hard case for an emergency situation few days back. It was a little oversized for me because I am using a PT2 Classic and the case is for a PT3. This is an awesome case as it is quite...
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    Re: I need a hardcase for my board >.

    Oh. May I know where you bought the hardcase? I do drive so it's all good.
  14. Things you put on your pedalboard other than pedals

    Greetings fellow musicians. These few weeks, I have been buying a few more pedals and when I trimmed the velcro to be attached underneath my pedals, there would be leftover hook velcros of irregular...
  15. Maestro Protégé SA-1 CE - A great guitar for beginners

    Greetings fellow musicians. Ever fretted (pun intended) about which acoustic guitar to get? If you are thinking that question, you probably don't know much about the acoustic guitar industry. Fear...
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    I need a hardcase for my board >.

    Like all Pedaltrain soft cases, my zipper broke a few days back. Hasn't been able to close the bag since then. Quite frustrating to think about it because now I can't bring my board out of the house....
  17. SOLD PT2 Classic Soft Case Zipper Spoil >.

    Was so so happy when I first got my PT2 Classic with the soft case. It's been 9 months now and finally the zipper is ready to break. Like all Pedaltrain soft cases, it comes with these lousy zippers....
  18. SOLD Re: Looking For: Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele in Butterscotch

    Update: I have already obtained the guitar from Swee Lee. Thanks to anyone who tried to help me. :)
  19. Re: About the Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele in Butterscotch...

    Update: I have already obtained it from Swee Lee. Thanks to anyone who tried to help me. :)
  20. About the Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele in Butterscotch...

    Sorry in advance if this is the wrong part of the forum. I've been searching for the past 3 months for the above mentioned guitar but to no avail. Swee Lee says they have no confirmed stock for the...
  21. SOLD Looking For: Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele in Butterscotch

    I'm looking for the above mentioned guitar in brand new or mint condition. Been searching for it for awhile now. Pm me if you have one to sell.
  22. Electric/Acoustic Guitarist available

    Hello fellow musicians. I'm Edwin and I have been looking for a band for quite some time. I'm 18 years old so I'm comfortable working with people around my age. I play mostly rock but I'm open to...
  23. Re: Forming new band to experiment, write songs, and rock this century

    I'm an 18 year old poly student too. I do the electric and acoustic. If you hand me a bass I can do bass too.
  24. Re: Recommend me an acoustic guitar under $200

    Look for Protege by Maestro. Singapore brand, not too shabby. Great beginner guitars. :)
  25. Looking for a great mic aa a gift to friend

    Hello fellow musicians. I got a friend who's birthday is coming soon. She's a great singer but I always notice her recording her little short covers on her iPhone 6. So I thought of buying a...
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