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  1. Re: Reviving my old band with new bassist & drummer

    im funk-soul drummer/percussionist - Indian ethnic
  2. Re: Looking for a cajon player/bongo player/percussionist

    im funk-soul drummer/percussionist - Indian ethnic
  3. Re: Female vocalist seeking band (English indie/electro pop)

    Im a funk & soul drummer/percussionist Indian ethnic
  4. Re: Looking for a reggae drummer / percussionnist

    Hi I can play drums & percussions too, jazz & funk too, Indian ethnic
  5. Re: Looking for Singer or Musicians for Duo or Trio

    Im a drummer & percussion player too, Indian text me cheers
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    Mayones 5 String Bass Guitar Brand New

    Super mint condition kept in Case at home only. (smoke-free) No trades Pls, Serious Buyers only. Handmake Be Exotic bass features bolt-on construction, 5 pieces Mahogany-Maple comfortable neck,...
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