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  1. Re: Female vocalist looking to join cover band!

    also very interested in busking!
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    Re: Looking for musicians to busk with!

    Hi, I’m a female vocalist who’s very interested in busking! Happy to send you some demos :)

    WhatsApp me @ 8882 2685
  3. Re: Looking for serious individuals to start a long-term group (Mandopop)

    I’m a female vocalist - very interested in forming a band and busking! Happy to send along a demo :)

    Whatsapp 8882 2685
  4. Re: Forming a 3-piece Acoustic Mando band

    Would you be interested in a female vocalist? I’m super interested!
  5. Female vocalist looking to join cover band!

    Iím a female vocalist - mainly sing mandopop and pop songs. Just moved to Singapore and looking for a cover band to make YouTube videos or just to jam with!

    Happy to send demos :)
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