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  1. WTS: Fender Precision Bass 60th anniversary Made in Mexico CHEAP

    I'm looking to sell my Fender (Mexican) Precision bass 60th Anniversary
    $788 Nego

    Barely been played and is still in great condition,
    Pickup changed to EMG X (active) with hipshot gold bridge....
  2. WTS : Fender MIM P-bass 60th anniversary, with EMG X (active)

    Condition 7/10
    Pick up changed to emg X active. Batteries sits perfectly without needing to dig an extra hole.
    Bridge changed to hipshot
    Pick guard/cover bought from eBay.
    Fender anniversary...
  3. Re: For sale... american std fender pbass

    Interested to trade with Fender Jazz Bass Aerodyn?
    I changed the pick up to EMG X. Will also include standard pick up.
  4. WTS : MIJ Fender Aerodyn with EMG X (active) comes with standard Pick up

    Selling MIJ Fender Aerodyn PJ
    Condition : 8/10
    Bought from Ebenex 2 months ago.
    Changed to EMG X pickups (stock pickups included). Knobs changed (stock volume knobs not included).
    Selling off by...
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    WTS: Ibanes Ukulele barely used


    I'm selling away my ibanez ukulele with a complete guide book for ukulele chords.

    Msg me at 8 1 9 8 5698 for more info and pictures.

    Letting go at 200$ negotiable (bought for 300+).
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