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  1. Re: Looking For: Vocalist (alternative/ rock)

    Thank you everyone who has written in!
    We've found a vocalist already!
  2. Looking For: Vocalist (alternative/ rock)

    Hey there!

    We are an alternative/ progressive/ (sometimes) metal band looking for a vocalist. We have a few singles recorded and ready for release on Spotify.

    Looking for long-term commitment, ...
  3. Re: Experienced female Singer - looking for band mates or jamming

    Hi Lara!

    We are an alternative/ progressive/ (sometimes) metal band looking for a female vocalist.

    Would you mind sending over a short demo so we can have a listen? We can connect over...
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    WTS: MONO Tour 2.0 pedal bag

    Selling for $160

    Retails at Swee Lee for $189.
    Bought it last week for my synth, but it doesn't fit.

    Please contact via carousell:
    or text at 92313644

    I'm sure MONO products need no...
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    Re: SALE: Korg Radias R3 Synthesizer


    I replied to your older post, didn't realise it was also yours.

    Any idea where to get the knob repaired?
    Did you get yours from city music?
  6. Re: Korg R3 Synth & Korg DW8000 Vintage Synthesizer

    interested in the R3.

    dropped you a text!
  7. Looking for confident BASSIST to play ORIGINALS

    Looking for a confident bassist to play with 4 other band members.
    Genres: Blues / rock / pop
    Members: Guitar + vocals, guitar, drums, keys

    The band plays ORIGINALS only, all members are...
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