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  1. EXPAT Band looking for Guitar and Bass.


    Although I cant see a way to live music until Q1 next year time to start getting ready for something to happen. Putting an expat style band together playing English/US/Australian...
  2. Re: 2 Female backing singers wanted for 10 piece band

    Hi Shai, great can you whattsap me on 8498 1337 when you have time and we can chat further. i dont spend much time on here.
  3. 2 Female backing singers wanted for 10 piece band

    Hi, looking for two female backing singers to complete a band comprosing of lead singer, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sax, trombone and trumpet..

    This is a newly formed band and will be soul,...
  4. Fiddle Player for Irish/scottish/American folk band

    Looking for a fiddle player to replace our long term resident player. Tunes based around waterboys, pogues, steve earle, modern and classics in Folk Rock style. Looking for a talented fiddle player,...
  5. Trumpet Player wanted for 8 Piece Funk and Soul

    I am looking for a Trumpet player to make up the brass section alongside Trombone and Sax to complete an 8 piece Funk/Soul Band looking to hit corporate and more cafe style, not pubs. We will be...
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    Re: Big Band seeks Keys and Guitar

    No longer looking all, thanks for the interest
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    Big Band seeks Keys and Guitar

    Hey musos, I am looking for a versatile guitarist and keyboard player to complete a 9 piece Funk/Soul Band looking to hit corporate and more cafe style, not pubs. We will be doing all the soul...
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    Accordion Player wanted

    Hi, Irish folk rock band in SG looking for an accordion player. We are a well known band and hired for major events and gigs and will expect things to pick up again in 2021.

    must like Irish and...
  9. Any accordion players out there in SG music land

    If so love to hear from you, regular paid work but must like and be willing to play Irish music...
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    Re: Cover band seeking BASS Player

    Hi there we we have about 6 venues that book us regularly and then 3 to 4 festivals a year and practice a couple of times a month
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    Cover band seeking BASS Player

    International Singapore based Irish Folk rock band seeks bass player. Band does all the regular circuit and headlines all festivals Irish and Guinness. Our Catalonian bass player has returned home...
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    Re: Working Band seeks Guitarist

    Cheers will be in touch shottly

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you brave keyboard warrior. Now run along to mummy and stop wasting adult peoples time...
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    Working Band seeks Guitarist

    We are a mix of expats and locals, playing Rock, Folk and Top 40. Well known around Singapore and regular headliners at festivals for Guinness and Sunshine Nation, Boat and Clarke Quay outdoor shows,...
  14. Re: Expat Band Seeks Guitarist - Regular gigs and festivals

    Hi, yes been travelling so setting up auditions for week after next. Get in touch with me if you want to share more about you and your experience.
  15. Re: Available Pro Singer/Guitarist from Australia ♫

    Going to be tough to get what you are looking for in Singapore mate. The City is awash with cheap and massively talented Filipena bands and Malay bands that are happy to play 6 nights a week for...
  16. Expat Band Seeks Guitarist - Regular gigs and festivals

    We are an ex pat band playing Irish, Scottish, British US folk and folk rock. Band consists of guitar, bass, drums, banjo, fiddle and lead singer. We play all over Singapore and are well known,...
  17. Re: Accordion player wanted for Asia's Premier Irish Band

    I see you are the resident idiot that just annoys people on threads. Go find something else to do...
  18. Fiddle Player wanted for Asia's premium Irish Band GAN AINM - Singapore

    Hi, we are Gan Ainm, a really well known and loved local Irish Folk Rock band who play regularly in Singapore, in pubs, functions, festivals and occasionally overseas. Our influences and music is...
  19. Re: Accordion player wanted for Asia's Premier Irish Band

    That's an odd question. Id say if you know anything about Irish music (go youtube the Pogues, Waterboys, Van Morrison) you would know the answer to that question. You would need to be an accordian...
  20. Accordion player wanted for Asia's Premier Irish Band

    Hi there, we are Gan Ainm and our beloved Irish Accordion player will be leaving us at the end of May and we are looking to replace him. We know this is a very niche musical instrument and its likely...
  21. Irish Folk Rock Band seeking musicians.. Banjo, Whistle, Accordian

    Hi, we are are a well known working Irish Folk Rock band in Asia, based in Singapore and gigging regularly. Ex pat guys and music in the vain of Mumford and Sons, The Pogues, Levellers etc. As with...
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