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  1. Re: Recommend any good recording studio in johor bahru

    Pool View Studio is a recording studio in Johor Bahru, provides Recording, Mixing, Mastering, music arrangement.
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    Re: Faulty Yamaha Keyboard

    Electronics equipment are very delicate need proper care.
  3. Sticky: Re: How to promote your events to more people

    This is a nice way to promote just update in the event calendar. Thanks for such a good feature.
  4. Re: Article: National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme 2019/2020 Briefing

    Thanks for the information. I am eager to take admission in the program.
  5. Sticky: Re: How to promote your events to more people

    Thanks for the useful information.
  6. Re: Local Band Terrestrea Releases Debut Self-Titled EP

    Terrestrea brand is looking nice.
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    Re: yamaha mx10xu mixer

    Yamaha MG12XU 12-Input Stereo Mixer.... Super and good 10 channel mixer with effects from yamaha.
  8. Re: Drum Room Rental Available for Serious Drummers

    This is a nice place about the news.
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