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    WTS Eventide H9 MAX (pristine) $580

    Selling for 580 SlIghtly neg with adaptor . no box. Used a few times only. Sellingto fund another pedal.

    Deal at my convenience sms 91178212 to deal
  2. WTS Keeley Delay Workstation ($360- 4 Mos Old)

    Selling it for 360 slightly NeG. (4mos OLD)
    Just bought end of January. With box.
    Selling because I don’t need it. Working well like new look at the pics 👌
    Deal at my convenience. Sms 91178212 to...
  3. WTS Focal Professional Alpha 65 Studio Monitors (pair)

    1+yrOld Retail: 1200/pair Selling for 800/pair. Throwing in 2 stands for free! Best studio monitors, “un-hyped” Low ends and high frequencies.. As natural as you can get compared to other monitors...
  4. WTS Universal Audio LA610 MKII (1yr old)

    1+yrold Retailing for 2.5/2.9. Selling for 1850 - Best Preamp Compressor ever..

    No trades. Deal at my...
  5. WTS: Suhr Modern Pro (Metallic Candy Red) 2.9k pristine

    2900 DM me to deal (slightly neg)
    Alder body
    Metallic Candy Red
    Maple neck and finger board (satin finish)
    Elliptical Neck
    24 frets
    HH pick ups, 5 position
    SSV (neck) and SSH+...
  6. WTS: Korg Minilogue (Pristine Cheap) 480

    Selling for 480... original price is 700 plus .. on sale cost 600.. one of the best portable analog synths out there! .. Comes with original power adaptor, no box. Used inside my studio only.. no...
  7. WTS: Novation Launch ControlXL (deadmint)-110SGD

    Selling my launch control XL for 110 only! - slightly neg (With USB and all the downloadables) no box.
    Sms 91178212 to deal. Deal at my convenience - pick up at Sengkang or Kallang area.
  8. WTS: PedalTrain Jr (classic) old version SC -110SGD

    Selling this for 110 only.. (slightly neg)
    Sms 91178212 - deal at my convenience. Pick up at Sengkang or Kallang area.
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    WTS Korg Custom Pitch black (60SGD)

    Selling at 60SGd
    Working great, no box.

    SMS 9117821227984
  10. WTS Mackie Mix8-8 channel Mixer (80SGD)

    Selling this 8 compact channel mixer..
    Sounds great a, light and solid built.
    No box but comes with power adapter

    SMS 91178212
  11. WTS Rodenberg GAS728NG (drive+Boost) CHEAP

    Selling the botique pedal for as cheap as 140SGD (slightly neg)Deal fast SMS 91178212
    Deal at my convenience2798327983
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    WTS JHS steak&eggs (400neg)Mint

    Selling my overdrive and compressor pedal. Original price costs 530 SGD. grab it for 400 only! Working well looks and sounds great! - no box.
    SMS 91178212 if you're keen Deal at my convenience
  13. WTS Rodenberg GAS728NG overdrive + boost

    Selling one of the best overdrive and boost I ever had so far!

    Original price cost approx over 400 as far as I can remember. It's working well, looks and sounds amazing - you'll be amazed.

  14. WTS One Control Iguana Tail Loop2 ($120)

    Selling this looper pedal for as cheap as 120. No box, works well!

    For more detail You can check this site out:

    SMS 91178212 if you're...
  15. WTS Palmer Monicon L (monitor controller) cheap!

    Selling my monitor controller. For 200 neg. still considered like brand new- just bought this January 2017. Original price is 275.

    SMS 91178212 to deal.
    Deal at my convenience.
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    WTS: K-line San B ($1.8neg)

    Sounds great plays great! Great electronics and aesthetics!
    $1.8 slightly neg!

    Dead Mint K-Line Guitars
    San Bernardino
    Alder body
    P90 pick ups
    Rose wood fretboard
    With original hard case and...
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    WTS korg micro 25 keys ($70 only!)

    Selling my micro keys for 70 only

    (No box, USB cable included)

    Deal at my convenience
    SMS 91178212
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    WTS Launch Pad mini Mk2 ($100 only)

    Used once only!
    Selling for 100 with box and cable and all that's included in the box.

    SMS 91178212
    Deal at my convenience
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    WTS Timeline $490 mint cheap!

    Selling my under utilised timeline for 490 Only!

    Hurry up!

    Deal at my convenience
    SMS 91178212
  20. WTS compressor pedal (line6 constrictor) $40

    Selling my compressor pedal for 40 bucks. Working well and sounds great.

    SMS at 91178212 for fast deal
    Deal at my convenience
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    WTS Emerson EM drive CHEAP ($100)

    Selling my EM drive for $100.
    SMS at 91178212 for fast deal.

    Used around 4x only . Has a slight cosmetic scratch-other than that it sounds and works amazing. Selling it cause I have 2 many drive...
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    WTS Morley Bad Horsie2 CHEAP ($50)

    Selling my Wah pedal for 50 bucks ! Hurry up and SMS at 91178212..

    Working well.
    I'm not using it anymore as I have many pedals..
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    WTS Emerson EM-Drive ($150)

    One of the best transparent overdrives ever. Bought last year for 210. Selling at 150, has a slight scratch (cosmetics) used 2x4 times only at home..

    Deal at my convenience..
    Contact 91178212 👍
  24. WTS : AMT - CN1 Cab emulator (good as New) S$110

    Selling the chameleon Cab emulator for 110 only . Used 2x only.

    SMS 91178212 for fast transaction. Deal at my convenience.
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    WTS : Morley Bad Horsie2 = S$120

    Selling the bad horsie 2 for
    S$ 120 ONLY

    SMS 91178212 for fast transaction. Deal at my convenience. (Kallang or Sengkang)
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