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  1. Re: Forming girl fronted power pop tribute band

    Heya,not too sure if girl fronted referred to the vocalist or the band, but drummed for about 3 years and M,interested in being in a band c:
    Number's 88281127 if it's needed
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    Re: Forming boy backed rockaholic rnb band

    Heya,drummed for about 3 years and interested,number's 88281127 if you need it c:
  3. Re: Drummer looking to jam/for a band (Pop/Rock/Funk)

    It's 88281127 and yup i do
  4. Drummer looking to jam/for a band (Pop/Rock/Funk)

    19 y/o and played drums for about 3 years,mostly play to punk/emo rock (patd,fob,green day etc) and alt rock (rhcp,ff,nirvana etc)
    Looking to jam casually and get better at the drums,no...
  5. Re: looking for a band to record original song for school project

    Heya,played drums for about 3 years,no experience with arranging and recording but wouldnt mind playing
  6. Re: You And Me Forever.. Forever Young :) (Pop-Punk)

    Heya,19 and into pop punk songs,played drums for about 2-3 years wouldnt mind jamming,contact's 88281127 c:
  7. Re: Want to form a rock band (Thai, English, Mandarin, Japanese)

    Heya,drummer here and into jpop and rock,incl some of the bands you mentioned,my contact's 8828 1127 if you need it
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    Casual band/jam

    Heya,19 and played drums for about 2 1/2- 3 years,really wanna play with a casual band.
    A lot more comfy with rock/pop/funk songs but i dont mind any other genres
    Big fan of jpop and jrock songs if...
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    Re: Amateur drummer looking to jam

    Heya sorry about the late reply,sure i wouldnt mind jamming sometime,what kind of genres do you play?
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    Re: Guitarist, forming a Band

    Heya,little bit inexperienced with the drums but i'd love to jam with y'all,contact's 8828 1127 if you're still looking
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    Re: Drummer below 18 wanted

    Heya,sorta 19 if that matters but i'd love to play if y'all are doing casual jamming,though i only have 3 years of experience and i've never been able to jam for now,mind if i ask what genre of music...
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    Casual drummer wanna jam

    Casual drummer playing for about 2 1/2 years,wanna jam with people who dont mind inexperience
    Cant really play metal but anything besides that should be fine
  13. Re: Keyboarist, Drummer wanted! Yui, Scandal, Aimer, EGOIST/Supercell, One OK Rock

    heya,drummed for about 2 years + and really into jrock,i'd love to jam
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    Amateur drummer, wanna jam

    Sorta new to jamming as a whole, played drums for 2 years and looking to play with anyone not concerned about skill level,can't play jazz Latin and metal but I can try for others. if possible kinda...
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    Amateur drummer looking to jam

    Heya, my name's Eugene, 19 and I've had about 2 years of drumming , sorta wanna get some experience by jamming with other people who aren't too concerned about skill level, don't mind any genres...
  16. Re: Noobs looking for other noobs to start a band:D

    hiya,could i try for drums? not exactly good with em,but im willing to put some practice into it. Number's +65 88281127
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