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  1. Re: M62's looking for a keyboard player who likes what we play :)

    also could do with a lead guitar :)
  2. M62's looking for a keyboard player who likes what we play :)

    We are looking for a new keyboard player for our band the M62's... we have been ging for 2-years now and play a gig every month, sometimes 2 and usually practice once a week as well. Currently we are...
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    Wanted: Back up keyboard player

    Hey guys and dolls, my band the M62's are in need of a back up keyboard player for a gig at Muddy Murphy's on the 18th May, as our regular girl will be away and in fact we could always do with a back...
  4. Lead guitar wanted short and maybe long term

    Hi, our band the M62's who play the following style of music, require a lead guitar to complement the current set up, as our current lead has to return home for an extended period of 2 to 6 months....
  5. Drummer & lead guitar wanted for a new band

    We currently have a lead singer, rhythm guitar, and base guitar, and now in need of a new drummer and a lead guitar to play this style of music...

    We practice either Wednesday or Thursday nights...
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