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  1. Re: Looking for a Jam Studio to practice drums

    Thanks a lot ! I'll check those out. ;-)
  2. Looking for a Jam Studio to practice drums

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a Jam studio/rehearsal studio equipped with a decent drum set (and possibly mic stands) in order to practice drums (and maybe self record). I'm living in Hillview and...
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    Pedals for Sale

    Selling 5 pedals I don't use much to buy other pedals. All in mint condition, barely used : Strymon Blusky : 315 S$ Eventide Timefactor : 400 S$ Korg Nuvibe : 400 S$ Proco Rat : 120 S$ Big Muff Nano...
  4. Re: Drummer & Lead Guitarist Wanted for Dreampop / Shoegaze Casual Band

    Hello Jon, I just PM you, please have a look.
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