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  1. Re: Selling Yamaha Alto Saxophone (Japan-made)

    I don't understand why the link was removed from my previous message, but I decided to insert it again.
  2. Re: Selling Yamaha Alto Saxophone (Japan-made)

    Is it still for sale?
    I'm a newbie in this sphere, I'd like to chose an alto saxophone for my child and I'd like to choose the best for her!
    I've read lots of sources and reviews of saxophones and...
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    Re: 17y/o music producer, singer, songwriter

    Wow, that's not bad. My brother makes bits and works with electronic music, I know he's also interested in collabs with new and young musicants. Ok, let's see what can be done.
  4. Re: Review of "The Story of Jane" - 6 Overdrive's swan song album.

    I'd like to give thanks to the author, because it's really good and informative, detailed review. I was enjoying while reading.
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