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    Need help on getting first bass!

    Hi guys, I need some help on getting my first bass guitar. I have been playing electric guitar for a couple of years now and I am about to enter the bass community. My current choices are the Ibanez...
  2. GEM Box le Guitar Multi Effect Pedal with 40 drum rhythms

    *100% brand new* GEM Box le Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (with 40 drum rhythms)

    Left in storage and untouched

    Selling it at $100

    Feel free to contact me @ 9-six-2-six-9-three-3-two if you're...
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    Changing from a Floyd rose to a hardtail

    Hi guys, just want to gather some opinions about this. I'm thinking about changing my Jackson warrior Floyd rose bridge to a hardtail bridge due to the maintenance and I'm unsure if that would cause...
  4. SOLD *WTS Brand New* BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal.

    Hi people,

    As mentioned, I am selling a 100% Brand New BOSS CS-3 Pedal.
    Bought it in HK.

    Selling it at $100.

    Deal at Yew Tee MRT or Buona Vista MRT.

    Feel free to contact me @ 9626...
  5. Is Swee Lee Building Showroom open to public?

    Hi bros, have anyone been to this showroom before? Its the swee lee building right beside the highway. I asked this question because it is stated as SIMS DRIVE DEALER SHOWROOM on the swee lee...
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